"The Family Network has been great for me socially and professionally. I knew no one in Warwick almost 5 years ago and I can’t believe how many people I have met since then who have helped me along the way with my business. I am always recommending people I have met through networking mummies and I have benefited from this from other members recommending me. I have worked with several members running cookery workshops and demonstrations too. The Family Network provides support when you need it and help you focus on your goals.

Winning the Networking Small Business award really boosted my confidence and belief in my business"

Anne-Marie from Get Cooking 

When I first started my business it was before I had children and although I was still fully employed whilst setting up, I didn’t have the whole juggling act of a child too. I then had my first boy and things got interesting. I met lots of lovely mums and business was doing great but I was struggling to actually find time to work, network and grow my business further and meet like-minded mums who were also running their own businesses whilst having a family. The Family Network Community has been great in so many ways for me in terms of offering encouragement and the opportunity to meet people in very different fields of work that all have one thing in common, ‘Children!!’ It’s made me feel like I’m not on my own doing this, as sometimes self employment can be a bit sole destroying when working from home a lot on your own. I also love the fact that everyone is there to help each other out even if we are in the same business. I’m a big believer in helping others and watching businesses grow. They have been a pleasure to get to know and I will continue to meet and use their wonderful great value courses that they run. I am now really looking forward to having my second child knowing I have the support of this really helpful group of people. Great community guys. Thank You! 

Lisa Jordan from ‘Little Beanies Photography’

"Having never run my own business I was rather nervous and had a very steep learning curve from day 1 on everything from marketing to accounts. I found The Family Network on Facebook and was impressed by how friendly, non judgmental and helpful everyone was.

I attended coffee mornings and met other people like me, who in a previous life had a “proper” 9-5 jobs but due to life events and personal goals were now all small business owners. We chatted, we swapped tips, we drank coffee, it was a refreshing morning. Perhaps I could do this and be a business owner, have staff and make a career for myself.

The Family Network have provided me with much needed twitter training and twitter hour the fun and social Monday evening on the computer. Events at which to promote my business, some invaluable advice, “why don’t you do Facebook videos?”, An awards night at which I won networker of the year and access to lots of local business owners to get to know and share ideas and referrals with.

I cannot recommend Networking Mummies enough to anyone running their own business"

Rachel Turner from Rhythm Time

"Having the support of The Family Network has been invaluable to me. As an Entrepreneur, working largely from home, having others to learn from, share problems with and work on solutions no matter what business background you're from has been brilliant! I've grown in confidence and discovered new ways to approach challenges in my business life and I've met some amazing people that have become good customers and even better friends!"

Helen Chidgey from Tropic Skincare