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Networking Mummies (Rugby)is run by branch leader Blanche Gal

  Hi, I'm Blanche Gal, a portrait photographer. I am also a wife and a mum of three kids (two teenagers and a toddler). I am obsessed with coffee latte and chocolate. I love art. I'm also a hobby gardener and a passionate Italian cook.I have an Economics Degree and worked in the corporate world until 2005 when I had my first son. Then I followed my passion and graduated as a Photographer in 2010. I have worked in many areas of photography, from weddings to corporate, events, theatre and editorial portraits, my work was published in many magazines. I was always inspired by people and love. We have moved to Rugby in late 2016 and I set up my Studio and business here in 2017. I turned to a unique portrait photography mainly for women helping them to see the best version of themselves. I believe in empowering people and helping them accept their body image and caring about self-love. I want to help thousands of women to make them believe that they are beautiful inside and out so they can be the leading ladies of their own life. My portrait photography covers business headshots and personal branding, personalised social media photos, beauty and boudoir, family and generations.As a newbie in the area, I started networking to build up my business but I found just a few in Rugby. Also, having a 2-year-old toddler and doing the school runs every day made networking quite difficult and I could not attend many of them. When I had the chance to visit my first Networking Mummies coffee morning in Leamington, I saw a fantastic opportunity to help connect with other people like myself. There was no branch in Rugby before, so I have decided to go for it. I love it and I have met some truly lovely people through the group I run. I can't wait to meet you too!

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