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Social Media - intermediate

Social Media - intermediate


Social Media Marketing for Intermediates

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Social Media Marketing for Intermediates
Take your social media marketing to the next level with a workshop that walks you through the process of creating a usable strategy.
This workshop is intended those comfortable with the basics of social media such a hashtags, posting different media and using groups, but don’t feel they are getting the results they would like.
During the workshop you’ll discover new ways of using social media that can be more engaging and effective. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn how others are using social media to get results.
If you’re absolutely new to using social media in your business, or feel that you’re still not comfortable with the basics, we also offer a beginner level workshop.
The workshop will cover:

Developing a useable social media marketing strategy

Using content marketing on social media

How to generate engagement with your audience

Social media and customer service

Making sense of social media analytics

An introduction to paid advertising