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Debbie Garrick- My Story and NMAwards2014

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Today I’m not going to talk about language learning, I know I am deviating from my usual blog material, but today I wanted to talk a little about me. Mainly because I am thrilled to be a finalist in the Networking Mummies Awards 2014. When I started off ‘Muchachos’ in 2010 I never imagined I would be attending an awards ceremony. I am a finalist in the business growth category, which is just incredible. Many of my international friends remember coming to my house for a bilingual singing group when I lived in Mexico, so they see my business as starting back then in my living room. True it did give me some of the ideas, but really I just did that for something fun to do with my own to girls. However I started ‘Muchachos’ with no business training, no idea about marketing or anything else, I just thought it was a great idea and I knew how to teach languages to young children, something that even today is not that common in Britain.

My first flyers were awful, my website was very basic and actually quite hard to find. So much has changed since I started out; I have a lovely website (in my opinion anyway!) now, my flyers are much more professional, I have facebook pages, a twitter account, business cards, a linked in profile, and a team of four. Yet so much has stayed the same too; I still LOVE what I do, the classes still work in the same way, there is still tons of enthusiasm all around and I still get that warm feeling when a child says a new word or learns something new, most importantly for me I still work around my own two children and get to spend lots of time with them, even if it does mean typing blog posts at 5:30am which I’m doing now.

I don’t often talk about how the business has grown but I am definitely proud, something I started in my living room, or with just one class and a few props is now 15 weekly classes, including now a baby class, French classes and of course our fab afterschool classes run by the lovely Katia who shares my enthusiasm for all things languages.

On a final note I am also thankful and proud to be a member of Networking Mummies Hampshire as here are so many fabulous, inspiring and determined business women there; they have kept me going when times are tough, helped me out with no end of questions are generally a great bunch of ladies. Now roll on 29th March for the NM Awards and I get to wear a posh frock J

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