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Valentines day Card making fun

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Valentine’s Day Family Fun

valentines day clip art and vectors (13)Valentine’s day is not massively celebrated in our house I have to admit, however the hubby and myself do exchange cards and since having the children and them hearing about it at school it has become more of a family affair based on love rather than gifts between the adults in the family.

Mackenzie (6) was particularly cute this year, every time we walked past ‘the chocolate shop’ she wanted to go in and choose valentines gifts for nanny, daddy, uncles and aunts not really understanding the meaning of valentine’s but understanding enough to realise it was something to celebrate. Billy (4) on the other hand just asked where his gifts were but as he's so loving he gets away with it!

So when HP sent us a Valentine’s day task of creating our own Valentine’s day card to a loved one, the children and myself got to work. We went to work following the instructions below to create a personalised card for my husband/their daddy (you can create your own for lots of different occasions by following the instructions below).

To start making your own Valentine’s creations all you need to do is:

  1.        Download HP Photo Creations to your computer – you can do so via this link http://www.hp.com/global/uk/en/consumer/digital_photography/free/software/photo-creations.html

  2.        Once you’ve opened the program, select ‘Cards’ from the banner menu at the top of the page

  3.       Select ‘Valentine’s Cards’

  4.       From here you can choose various templates which can be personalised with your photos (see some examples below)

  5.       Once you’ve made your choice and personalised your card, follow the instructions to print via your HP printer.


We had great fun adding pictures of mummy, daddy and the children to the templates, which are fantastic when mummy isn’t as creative as she thinks! (I have these problems regularly) It allowed us to create a masterpiece that was simple yet fun to create and daddy loved getting his family Valentine’s day card that the children had put together for him.

Mothers day is next in our house to celebrate so I can now hint at daddy to log in and let the children make me a personalised Mothers day card in the same way.valentines-day-cards6

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day?

The survey below is a survey of 2,085 Snapfish users in the UK conducted from 16th January to 22nd January 2014.

70 per cent of soppy Brits send loved-up Valentine’s cards, but could be sending mixed messages

Personalised gifts win out for 77 per cent of lovers,but Brits are split when it comes to the message in the card

London, UK: February 5th, 2014 - The average spend on Valentine’s Day might be sky-high, but new research suggests that 77 per cent of Brits are a romantic bunch whose most treasured gift on 14th February is a personalised and heartfelt one, regardless of cost.  The overwhelming majority (70 per cent) of Brits* said they plan to send a Valentine’s Day card this year because they are in love – but will the message on their card be what their intended wants to read?

 Get the message

When it comes to the all-important message in the Valentine’s card, should we keep it simple, crack a joke or declare our love in poetic script? The survey results indicate it’s harder to please our lovers than we think.

  • Nearly half of those surveyed (46 per cent) want their beloved to craft a heartfelt and romantic message of love

  • But one quarter (24 per cent) of pragmatic Brits scorn the corniness, preferring ‘nothing too fancy’ in their card

  • One quarter (27 per cent) said they want to read something cheeky to make them laugh

 Pushing the (love) boat out

The good news for both sexes is there’s no need to splash lots of cash on Valentine’s Day. 77 per cent of Brits said the best way to their hearts is something personalised, especially for them. Only two per cent of women want something expensive, seven per cent said they want chocolates and just 17 per cent prefer something that smells nice in the form of flowers or perfume.

1376149_10201868875861606_1908146245_n“There will be lots of people out there agonising over choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for their loved ones, so it’s good to know that something with a personal touch could the simplest answer,” said Greg Baines, UKI Country Manager at Snapfish. “By showering our Valentine with gifts on February 14th, many of us will be spending more than we need to. Brits are realising that the right message can be sent via a genuine and truly individual gift or card made especially for their partner.”  

Great expectations 

72 per cent of men and 78 per cent of women expect to receive at least one card this year.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day and are looking forward to trying this with the next celebration in your family.

Stacey, Jamie, Mackenzie and Billy Calder x

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