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The story of Fit Mum Formula

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The Story of The Fit Mum Formula

In April 2013 we both attended the Portsmouth Networking Mummies Hampshire meeting with our own agendas – we are a fitness instructor (Angela) and beauty therapist/nutritionist (Polly), and had never met before. Whist our qualifications are clearly complementary, we also both arrived with 7 month old daughters in tow, and on learning we also had older daughters at nursery only a year apart in age, in terms of where we were at in our lives and the commitments we had to work around, we could not be in a more similar situation.

But our similarities go further – we are both extremely motivated and driven, ambitious and imaginative, go-getters who believe anything is possible and that no challenge or goal is too high. For a start, with four pre-schoolers between us, after that much of life is easy! Our skills, on the other hand, are well divided to ensure that all corners of running a business are covered – Polly (with a background in performing and has also written a book, ‘Eat, Drink and Be Slim’) [www.facebook.com/EatDrinkBeSlim] writes the content, while Angela, who has a degree in Computer Sciences and also has her own website building and marketing business, Exact Marketing Promotions [www.exactmarketingpromotions.co.uk], builds the website. Polly brainstorms visual creative ideas and concepts, then Angela turns them into a reality with her technical knowledge. So far (touch wood) we are yet to disagree on any business decisions, and having that same vision in our minds has helped propel progress at an astounding rate considering we only met a few months ago!

The Fit Mum Formula provides online fitness and nutritional programmes to help get you into shape; a 6 week ‘BodyBack’ programme, and a monthly membership scheme coming in February. The more advanced follow up ‘BodyFab’ programme and ‘The Fit Man Formula’ are also in the pipelines. There is the opportunity for people to create an additional income through becoming fully supported ambassadors for us. Based on a system called Metabolic Conditioning, the body is retuned to burn existing fat stores whilst toning muscles, resulting in not only slimmer but a fitter, more sculpted appearance, increased strength, stamina and energy. The metabolism is improved and therefore more calories are burned even when resting. The system delivers maximum results in minimum time, perfect for Mums (or any time-short person) who can’t spend hours exercising or following complicated meal plans, and the programme is delivered online meaning no gym membership is necessary, and you don’t even have to leave the house, again perfect for Mums when childcare is not available. Metabolic Conditioning is the latest buzz word in the health and fitness industries for the simple reason that it is not a temporary diet but a scientific evidence backed lifestyle that works, is safe, and is actually much healthier than what most people have been taught to believe is a balanced diet.

We have extremely high hopes for The Fit Mum Formula and believe the combination of an excellent service with a superb product, along with a lot of dedication on our part, can only spell a dazzling future for us and our clients. We are members of the Networking Mummies Discount Card scheme and are offering a generous discount of 30% to help fellow Networking Mummies get fit and look their best.

We will continue to go to the Networking Mummies meetings near us and love meeting and bouncing ideas around with other like-minded mumpreneurs. It never ceases to astound us how creative, resourceful and capable women, especially busy mums, can be when they put their minds to it!


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