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HP Smart Business Awards 2014

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1380038_641014785920311_1824228831_nLast month Networking Mummies UK Ltd were shortlisted for the HP Smart Business Awards within the 'Skills Creation' category and so we got invited to the awards dinner in London on October 15th 2013. These annual awards continue to recognise the best achievements of the UK's small and medium sized businesses and celebrate their contribution to the UK economy.

It felt very strange to be leaving Warwickshire at 3pm in the afternoon in cocktail dresses when usually we would be collecting the children from school but we was filled with excitement and tweeted our progress the whole way there. Once in London our excitement grew and we headed over to The Serpentine Gallery which was the venue for the evening.

We arrived to a lovely champagne reception and had our pictures taken on arrival. We were then shown to the dinner room which was dressed beautifully. We found our table and soon realised we were seated with the other finalists from our category and the sponsor Enterprise Nation. This made for much joking and friendly banter as we laughed about who was going to win! 

We were really impressed by these awards, they ran smoothly and the 3 course dinner was also lovely. It was then time to start the awards and our category was up first. We was a little disappointed when we didn't win but we was also very happy to come 'Highly Commended' (second). The winner on this occasion was a London Jewellery school that had trained over 6,000 people, a deserved winner indeed.1374235_641013662587090_1997065989_n

It was great to network and find out more about the other finalists across the categories and even see how some of last years winners had grown and developed. The evening was a huge success and definately made us think about our awards next year.

The next morning as promised the photo's of the event were already up on social media, which again we couldn't believe how quickly and effective HP are. But what went on this month absolutely blew us away!

First we were contacted by HP to say well done on being Highly Commended and that they were sending us a certificate to show this, this was lovely enough but then following on a week or so later from that we had the most amazing follow up email from them. I can remember shreiking down the phone as Laura read it out to me. They were impressed with our company and they wanted to add to our prize and give us some free products to help grow our business even further and also offer us a business mentor to help. We were (and still am) delighted. We are so happy to have formed a business connection with HP.and are looking forward to working with them in the future.

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