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The Royal Baby re-launched this Mummy’s self-employed career

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NetworkingMummy - WordsmithUK-1Two weeks ago, as part of the Royal Baby mania, mum of one, Becky Smith’s advert for baby brand, Plum Baby UK, was plastered online and in the National Metro newspaper. As a freelance copywriter for many years it may not be much of a celebration but circumstances deemed it to be a bit of a career triumph for this work-at-home mummy.....

Having left her freelance work in London to have her daughter she struggled to find her new role in life as a full-time mummy. When her daughter was two, she and her husband decided to relocate to the Midlands and leave behind the stresses London living was putting on their new little family.

Becky says, “Relocating has meant we’ve had to reprioritise our life; what we’ve lost in income we’ve gained in more family time which is lovely, but lovely doesn’t pay the bills unfortunately!.”

Overcoming family chaos and personal hurdles

As all working mum’s desire, Becky wanted the best of both worlds - to be a great mum and have her creative career on a part-time basis. She was also doing all of this whilst helping to care for a close family relative with a new diagnosis of a life-long illness. Becky says, “I was doing too much – Where’s the next playdate? Which nursery is it today? Which client am I meeting? Has everyone got what they need? I was being stretched physically and emotionally and something had to give”.

Becky made the conscious decision to slow the business down, take a break and re-evaluate, she says, “I streamlined my life and put the focus back on to my family. We use one nursery now, stick to a timetable (of sorts) and since changing just a few things, great things started to happen. Like with the call from Plum Baby to work on their Royal Advert”.

National exposure, all from the spare bedroom

Large brands usually use large advertising agencies, but Plum Baby UK were keen to use the insights mums have, so working with Becky, even from her home, meant she could achieve the dream she wanted – the best of both worlds.

Success written all over it

Despite having regular clients she would write blogs, emails, brochures and letters for, this latest work has been the platform to effectively re-launch her career. Becky says, “I feel like I’ve got a bit of the old pre-baby Bec back and new clients have been coming in thick and fast from the Midlands, Surrey and even Hong Kong. I’m still pretty busy, but there’s a lot more structure to my time and the right people get the right focus from me which makes life a lot easier – just wish I’d figured it out earlier!”

Becky’s company is Wordsmithuk and you can follow her on Twitter and on Facebook or connect with her on LinkedIn uk.

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WordsmithUK’s, Royal Baby Advert in Metro Newspaper 24th July 2013

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