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'Stay at home mum' v's 'small business owner'

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To most of the outside world I am a stay at home mum. I don't do what 'normal working mums' do and go out to work in a shop/office in a 9-5 manner. Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home parent if you are lucky enough to be one. However when you are not one and the only question you ever get asked is 'when are you going to go back to work?' it can be quite infuriating. I will admit though that up until recently I had a low self confidence about what I do. I would rather tell people that I was a house wife than have to explain my complicated network of small businesses that jigsawed together create me reasonable income. Over the last 6 months though I have started to feel much more confident about the work I do. I am now proud to say that my businesses allow me the flexibility to do the school drop offs and pick ups. I get to attend assembly and sports day and because of this I feel truly thankful. Of course it's not all good, I haven't got a boss to encourage me when things aren't going so well or moral is low. I can't phone in sick to anybody. But I definitely need to remember the quality of life I have the next time I am wondering if it is all worth it. In my old age when I look back on my life I will not regret spending this time with my children. In my eyes being self employed is definitely the way forward. I say if you have got the balls to take a risk (and a supportive husband in my case) then go for it.

Written by Emma Kavanagh owner of BaaBaby Baa an online baby gifts store selling Aden + Anais swaddles, Manhattan Toys and  Wimmer Ferguson baby developmental toys.

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