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Hampshire February Business Mum of the Month

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janeWow, it’s hard to believe how much my life has changed in the last 2 years, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ve gone from being in a 9-5 type job as a research scientist developing new and innovative way to protect our currencies and identities from fraudsters to being a stay at home mum of 1, with 2nd on the way, whilst running 2 home based businesses and supporting my husband in his venture with another. All this whilst holding various voluntary roles – running a Guide unit of almost 50 11-14 year olds in Hedge End, County Adviser for Outdoor Activities for Guiding, County Bushcraft instructor for Scouting, Newsletter Advertising Co-Ordinator for the NCT and running an NCT Bumps and Babes support group for parents. Not quite sure how I manage to fit it all in – but somehow I do and I still get time to myself!!


After the arrival of my daughter in July 2011 I knew I didn’t want to return to work:

1- I didn’t want someone else raising my child their way

2- I wanted time with my child, not to be stuck in endless queues of commuting traffic everyday

3- Financially we wouldn’t have been much better off after the cost of childcare and my long commute

familyBut we still needed more than just my husbands income…So I started looking around at options of home businesses, my first thought was to sell my homemade greetings cards but I got scared and didn’t know where to start, that’s when I came across Network Marketing/Direct Sales. It just seemed like the safe way to get into business for yourself. After looking at many companies I came across Forever Living who ticked all the right boxes for me. So with a 2 month old baby I signed up and started my journey…

At first I found it difficult as it was such a different way of thinking and working, I didn’t like to pick the phone up and bother people. But with great support from my upline and fantastic inspiring company trainings my confidence grew over the following few months. Everything really was in place already – I just had to follow a simple, tried and tested, marketing plan. Then in April 2012, towards the end of my maternity leave, I handed in my notice at work – a little scary at the time as it was so final, but I honestly haven’t looked back since because I am having so much fun whilst earning on my terms.

I now work this business around my family, taking time out when I want for my little girl and school holidays off to spend as a family (my husband is primarily a secondary school teacher) whilst helping people to live a healthier lifestyle through our wonderful range of natural health and nutrition products, and supporting others in developing a second income with our fantastic business opportunity. I have even started to build my business internationally – with Forever there are no limits!

What really appealed about this business, as well as being lovely natural products (rather than synthetic and chemical based), was the fact that the products really did help make a difference in so many peoples lives.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Forever Living (I hadn’t until shortly before signing with them!) we offer natural health and nutrition products all based around Aloe Vera. Unlike much of the competition Aloe Vera is our primary ingredient, not just a small after thought, so customers get a much better benefit. Aloe Vera has long been known as the ‘Silent Healer’ with benefits not just for general health of everyone from birth to old age but many customers have seen specific benefits for particular health problems ranging from skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, very dry skin) to digestive disorders (IBS, Crohns, Colitis) to joint problems (arthritis, sports injuries/stresses) to immune system disorders (ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia) to just simply helping boost energy levels, immunity levels and even helping with weight loss and management.

I have sample boxes containing around 10 of our products available for people to try for FREE at home for 3 days and also do parties which can be showcasing the products or giving you a greater chance to try the products yourself with facials or footspas. If you are interested in either of these please get in touch – details below.

More recently my husband and I have also signed with Utility Warehouse to help people save money on their household utility bills. What appealed to us about this company was that you do the work once and get paid forever, but also we weren’t going to people asking them to spend more money with us but we were actually offering them a way to save money.

I have to say a big thank you to Networking Mummies as well – discovering this group is one of the best things I could have done for my business. Their regular network meetings and fabulous workshops really have helped me in so many ways from self-confidence to goal setting, planning and use of social media for business. All this whilst enabling me to meet many like minded people and share my message without the need to feel guilty about time away from my little girl as she is welcomed at the meetings. So thank you to Stacey and Laura for keeping Networking Mummies alive, thank you to Tarryn for running such a fantastic branch and thank you to all the Hampshire Networking Mummies for all your ongoing support and friendship – I look forward to meeting many more of you in the future and being able to support more ladies on their quests in the way that I have been supported.

These businesses have also given me the confidence to go back to my original thoughts and start selling my handmade greetings cards – mostly to friends and family at the moment whilst I build my website – but watch this space….


If you would like to hear more about either business opportunity, saving money on your household bills, a range of products with great health benefits or if you’re looking for that unique/bespoke card for a special occasion then please get in contact for a chat.


For more information visit:


Stay up to date with the latest offers at www.Facebook.com/JaneCorfeForever/



Contact me:

[email protected] or Call 07736 466634


Please feel free to pass on details to anyone you think may be interested/benefit.

Jane xx

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