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5 Top Tips for Mother's Day

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Mothers Day doesn’t have to be just about gifts, there are lovely gift ideas out there, and I would always recommend supporting local small businesses to find something unique, especially if they are mums in business ! How appropriate ! ;)  When running Networking Mummies Hampshire, we always look to support each other when buying gifts, and even run a discount card scheme open to all to help you find that special something.

Mothers day gifts can come in other forms too, and here’s my top tips to make a special day for Mum ! ….


1) Sure, you can buy a lovely card, or you can make one, to give the extra special personal touch, Netmums is a great site with some card ideas and prints to colour.

2) Breakfast in bed… some little ones may need a little help, you’ll find so many different ideas if you google Breakfast in Bed for Mothers Day, pancake ideas, scrambled egg, continental, whatever you choose, Mum will love it, because you created it.

3) So… when Mum finally gets up after her lovely lie in ;)  Have a think about what you want to do, meals out can be lovely, or just sometimes, can be very busy ! How about something different, a special walk out, a nature trail if the weathers nice, or if its still a little chilly, how about listening to Mums favourite Music, or film.

4) Treat mum to a foot spa at home, while popping on her favorite CD, you can create your own spa with a few simple products, click here for some product ideas.

5) Read together, spend some quiet time, there’s a good chance mum rushes around quite a bit, so how about spending some time together to read or generally relax.

Whatever you do, Mum will know how much you care !

Thanks for taking a few moments to read, have you seen our own Mothers Day gift idea ?

365 Quotes for Mums That Care  A special, and unique gift book that Mums will love, take a peek.

Please do share this post with your friends, or maybe even let your partner or children take a read if it sounds like the kind of treats you fancy this year ! ;)

Have a great week

With Love and Care

Tarryn xx

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