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January Networking Coffee Morning- Warwickshire

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Networking at The Star and Garter - 15th January 2013 meeting


It was a great meeting and my first one with the Warwickshire Networking Mummies! It didn't matter that I might not know anyone because I knew that I'd be made very welcome straight away. I hasten to add, a very warm welcome was waiting for me and the other new networking mummies!

What I love about these meetings is the friendliness and informality yet the ability to talk and network really effectively, in a great venue.

This session was special as it was the first one in the New Year and the theme was 'goal setting'. It was interesting that even before we started on the goal setting we were reflecting first on our own achievements in 2012 and they could be personal or business ones. It was a great exercise to do first because seldom do we have the time (or sometimes the inclination) to reflect and dwell on what went right, what we enjoyed and give ourselves a few moments to really celebrate those achievements fully. We could do exactly that; let it loiter, taste the success and give ourselves a pat on the back.

Moving on to goal setting Stacey asked us a series of questions leading us into the future version of ourselves… mmmmm it was very interesting thinking that far ahead. We all had the opportunity to talk about the impact some of these potential events would have on us. Stacey talked about the key to effective goal setting was to be very clear on the outcomes you wanted, along with writing them down and each goal was paired up with a SMART goal.

Yes, a lot was achieved in that short session and believe it or not it certainly wasn't rushed. And we had a great amount of time to network with others too! 
Written by Judith Holloway, The Parenting Pacemaker 
Judith works with parents in business who are struggling with the everyday challenges that their children and their business present. She helps them successfully overcome the power struggles, connect with their children and restore peace at home. 

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