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holsamNew Year's resolutions are supposed to be about having a fresh new canvas - upon which we can paint anything we like. We can say goodbye to the old year and hello to a new one, our old mistakes can officially be memories, our future limitless. But, according to statistics, around only 45% of the UK make resolutions, and by January 15th most of those have been broken. Why? Perhaps the time that we have off from our normal lives over Christmas allows us the time to dream, but once we head back to work, and the kids go back to school, those dreams are put to the back of our minds, as our daily resolutions just to get through the day and remember all we have to do, becomes an achievement.

So how do I set my goals and achieve them? The short answer is, I'm specific about what I want and I stay focused on them.
Too many people reflect on their last year and say things like 'next year will be different,' or 'I want a new ____________ (fill in the blank)', and this is not specific enough.  The brain has to cope with thousands and thousands of bits of information per second; take a moment right now to notice how your feet feel in their shoes, or how one hand tingles slightly more than another. This is of course information you don't need, so you delete it. If you place little importance and clarity on your goals, they will also take a back seat and your brain will forget to notice all the opportunities you had to achieve it.
Staying focused may also be something you find difficult, so grab your diary, and pen in some 'me time' - make this daily if you can, but weekly is fine. If you do not see making this time as important, what are you saying about yourself, and about your goals? What you want is important - you just need to believe it! Notice all the opportunities achieving this goal will give you too...for example, once you lose weight you'll feel more confident and motivated, when you feel more motivated you can decorate the house, once you've decorated the house you can feel comfortable inviting friends over, once you have friends over you can feel happier and more relaxed, once you feel more relaxed you can notice that job opportunity....you get the drift! With your 'me time' you can do one thing with each time slot to take a step towards achieving your goal.
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Sam Holman supports people in achieving their goals, in a way that is perfect for them through one to one coaching or workshops. If you'd like to know more on how to set goals in a really empowering way, you can get her free audios from http://www.holsamlifecoaching.com/. You can also like her on Facebook and follow her daily posts to keep you motivated  -http://www.facebook.com/holsamlife

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