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Traditional lullabies to help parents and the Appeal

Hello, I’m The Lullaby Queen® a little cartoon with a lot of music and love.

I have produced beautiful, soothing traditional lullaby music for parents and their babies. Well-known tunes such as Rockabye Baby, Brahms’ Lullaby, All Through the Night, sung by me in the genuine style they were originally written and meant to be performed – through simple voice and piano accompaniment, which seems to have been lost. My wish is for parents to rediscover these lovely traditional lullabies and to sing them to their child, as a magical bonding family experience.

To celebrate my recent birth and album launch, I’m supporting the BBC Children In Need Appeal, donating £1 from the sale of my just released 14 song MP3 album The Lullaby Queen® Vol.1 – Dreamland. I am doing a Networkingmummies Members Special Offer of £4.99 (click here for details), normally priced at £7.99. I hope you enjoy them!

Dream songs for sleepy children

With this music I wish to soothe, calm and lull babies and toddlers to sleep and teach parents these beautiful songs, so they may sing along. Similar to how they were hopefully sung to as children. It will help the millions of stressed out, sleep-deprived parents wanting effective lullaby music for their babies and children. 

The Lullaby Queen® is committed to fundraising for BBC Children In Need, the BBC's UK corporate charity making a real difference to the lives of children and young people who are disadvantaged all across the UK. Their vision is that every child in the UK has a childhood which is:
- Safe
- Happy and Secure
- Allows them the chance to reach their potential
It is what every child deserves. 

I am an independent artist and producer of children’s music. I am not signed to a record label, having funded the project and produced the music myself. Little cartoons just starting out like me have very limited resources to market their music! But my main aim is to promote the BBC Children In Need Appeal and raise as much money for them as possible this year.

For more information on me, The Lullaby Queen®, and to find out how cute and lovely I look, go to my recently launched website: www.thelullabyqueen.com

Here you can all listen to the song samples and download the MP3 singles and album.


Also look at my fabulous animated video of Mozart’s Little Children: https://www.youtube.com/thelullabyqueenmusic

 How I came into being......

Stephanie McNamara, my creator, has brothers, sisters and other family and friends with children. When one of her nephews was born, she tried to find lullabies sung in the traditional way to give as a gift. But what was out there to buy? 

 Well, it wasn’t the sort of music I would want parents, children and babies to listen to and send them peacefully to sleep. So Stephanie did a little recording of her favourite lullabies from around the world, and created a cute and fun animation of me, singing loving, soothing, beautiful music with my rich, lovely voice.

 I, The Lullaby Queen® was conceived. With my classical voice and piano accompaniment I can soothe, calm and create a loving, stress-free environment. My well-known lullabies and songs sung in the traditional way will help parents rediscover these lovely tunes and give them confidence to sing lullabies to their child.

To find out more about me and my fundraising go to: http://thelullabyqueen.com/blogs/news

Lots of love,

The Lullaby Queen®

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