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The Not-To-Do List

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The Not-To-Do List

You’re familiar with the trusty to-do list, right? You know, the one that gets so
crammed and chocked full of stuff and jobs that need to be done, today! You keep
adding to it and there isn’t a chance in hell that you’ll get through all of them in a
day… or even a week.
Well, this is the opposite – a not-to-do list! This one is short, purposefully short so
you can pay attention to the not-to-do’s.
By being conscious of what to avoid or stop doing you can concentrate and channel
your energy into the things you want to do. Ok?
Here’s 5 tips on my not-to-do list.

1. (Not) Answering the phone
Leave it and let it go to answer machine or voice mail. This is
really useful when you're in a rush and it makes your life so
much easier. Mornings in particular can be a very tight
squeeze, time wise. If it's that urgent, they'll leave you a
message or call back. When you've got a few minutes later,
you can pick up the message and decide what to do with it.
You don't have to be at the phone's beck and call!

2. Trying to do everything
As I mentioned earlier, some to-do-lists are far too long and jobs
won't get done. They'll just move from one list to another, never
getting done.
Give some thought to what you're putting on your list. Not every
task is equal in importance or the time it takes to do them. If I've
got something on my list I'm not looking forward to, I bump it up to
number one on my list. I get the unpleasant task out of the way
first and I feel great about doing it. The momentum keeps me going through the
next few tasks which I appear to get done efficiently and effortlessly. Try it and see
the effect it has on you.

3. Doing everything immediately
Stop there, right now!
Not everything has to be done right there, right now. That can potentially add so
much more pressure on you.
I agree, it's good to get things out of the way as soon as possible. However, you can
organise and prioritise what you need to do so it fits in with you and your lifestyle.
Read point 2 again!

4. Stop shouting or taking it out on your kids or partner
You may be stressed out because you've got so much to do (re
read point 1 & 2 again) and to top it all, your child isn't listening
to you.
Shouting or taking it out on your child (or partner) won't help your
stress levels or get you all out of the house quicker.
Try getting up 10 minutes earlier so you have the time to do what you want whether
it's completing just one small job or having longer to sit with your cup of tea.

5. Not taking breaks
If you work at home, go to work or are a stay at home
parent, it's still vitally important you take regular breaks.
You need a change of environment, a break to recharge and
energise. It's amazing what a short break of 3 - 5 minutes
can do for you. You'll find you'll have more focus and
motivation to continue.
What do you think?
What items would you put on yours?


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