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One of the key skill requirements of a sole trader is the ability to sell yourself, your service or your product.

I have helped many many sole traders model and understand what is happening for them when they are selling at their best and the one thing that always comes out is they don't sell.   

Instead they establish clearly:

•     Who their ideal client is

•     Why that person will benefit from this service or product

•     They tune in and focus on what their existing clients have said about the service/product

•     They make it easy to buy

•     They care enough to ask the potential client what they would like to have happen without fear of rejection

•     They understand that not everyone will love their product/service so a 'no' is simply that and not an acknowledgement that the product or service is not good enough

•     They usually recognise that people are busy and even when they genuinely do want the product or service they get side tracked so it is actually helpful and great customer service to send them a reminder about their interest and ask if they need any further help, opposed to feeling like you are bothering them

Here is an article about when I am selling in a way that feels right I am like a butterfly and another with a self coaching activity you can do yourself to understand when you are selling in a way that feels right and gets results you are like what?

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