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Top 3 best things about children’s all in one waterproofs

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Top 3 best things about children’s all in one waterproofs

With a push on getting kids playing outdoors more and our most recent “summer”, parents like myself want them to protected from the elements! The answer – get them in an all in one waterproof!

1)     Freedom to play, whatever the weather

One of THE greatest FREE activities ALL children love is jumping in a muddy puddle  – it’s almost as if the puddle is calling out to them to “try me”! Peppa Pig has a LOT to answer for! As a mum I used to catch myself spotting a puddle up ahead and getting ready to say “no, dont jump in that puddle you will get all wet” just as the little one made the biggest splash you could think imaginable and covered themselves from top to toe in muddy dirty water.  When the kids have their all in one waterproof suits on though I can relax. There is nothing nicer than seeing a little one having a real good giggle jumping in a big muddy puddle!!! It’s truly amazing how much fun they can have with even the smallest amount of water!

nathan and sophia11                       

When you go to the park and the swings are soaking wet from an earlier rain shower, i love not having to say no when they want a go on the swings, knowing that the suits are fully waterproof, keeping them nice and dry. Often we are the only ones there as a lot of parents haven’t discovered the real benefits of these suits so there is no queuing which the kids love!  

 Fox slideconnor and katie on slideIMGP5346

A walk in the woods on a wet afternoon is also a great fun FREE activity and the kids just love exploring the trees, leaves and insects.  If the rain comes on then no need to worry or cut the fun short as the children are covered with their suits on.

ellie hodge image 7


2)    Protects clothes/machine washable

Another great thing about all in one waterproofs for children is that they not only allow the child to have fun but they also provide peace of mind for the parent knowing that their clothes are protected underneath and that whatever mud/sludge or such like they get their suits covered in will be washed away that night when it goes in the washing machine. We want kids to be kids and allow them to get dirt or muck on them without telling them off – that’s one of the great things about being a child.

beecraigs aug 2011 photo 3sophia digging in the mud   

3)    Easily transportable and kids love to wear them

All in one waterproofs by Regatta are light weight making them perfect for quickly tucking in to your bag as you head out the door with the kids – they take up no room at all.

Granted the little ones need some help but I know my youngest from when she could toddle, would go and get me her suit and sit patiently letting me put it on her with no fuss at all. I swear this was because she knew that once she got it on the puddles were no longer a no go zone! She even learned VERY quickly how to get both legs in it herself if i left it zipped up at the bottom – i guess she saw it as the quicker she got it on the quicker she got to go out and get dirty!

 IMGP5360  IMGP5059

If I have convinced you about the benefits for your kids well being and your washing load, then let me convince you on the economic side – Rain-shine sell these fantastic all in one waterproofs in 5 different colours suitable from age 12 months up to age 6 for just £19.99 PLUS free post and packaging! These Regatta-made suits RRP at £30 so this is already a saving of 1/3rd!! If you think how much time and money this will save you in the long run washing or even replacing clothes it makes it an even bigger bargain!

 waterproof image

Rain-shine also offer a tougher, harder wearing all in one waterproof with reinforced knees, and adjustable waist. This comes with a lifetime guarantee and are generally passed down to at least 1 more generation! A fantastic bargain in itself, again Rain-shine sell these Togz suits at £27.99 PLUS free post and packaging.

connor climbingandrew davidson 

To learn of the additional features/benefits of these and other childrens waterproof clothing items including dungarees, jackets and trousers please visit www.rain-shine.co.uk. We are a small family business (mum and two twin daughters who are mothers themselves now) selling quality childrens waterproof clothing and swimwear items at affordable prices.

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