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TORBAY1I started raising money for race for life after my mum died in 2006, its only seemed right to do this in memory of her so a year after my last child was born i got involved with race for life, My first year was fantastic, I had raised well over my target and manage £150 for cancer research. So thats when it all started 2008, my mum inspired me to do good things and better my life and the others of those around me.

In 2009 I started The georgia allen fund with my sister,(
www.thegeorgialallendfund.com) We wanted and still do raise awareness for all those who suffer from Charcot marie tooth disease otherwise known as (cmt) its centered around The types of neuro muscular disease which was inherited from the other side other the family, however has bought on great difficulties in getting the right treatment and care to which we feel needs a helping hand for the professional to get the information available corrected and help those going through similar struggles, to form a community of cmt sufferer's to be able to help and advice each other. We have done this and before it became as popular as it is now i gave it all to Rebecca my sister, since then She has done amazing things with the fund and apart from a little web help and encouragement has gone from strength to strength and is now being recognized as a great comfort and source of help for fellow cmt sufferes.

2010 i decided to start wicked wrapz n fab faces,
www.wickedwrapzfabfaces.co.uk) centered around my children, i wanted to do something that i had the skills for but could fit around my family needs, Honestly i did not have the face painting skills, web skills seo or anything, i have had to learn from scratch with no help from anyone. This has been hard and i was 1st on google, now im 2nd, but thats because i dont know seo and i altered my meta tags lol, i am on over 2000 pages of google and on well over 50 business databases, considering ive got over 17,000 views in 2 years, this girls not done to badly by herself.
My children allowed my to practise on them for a while until they got bored and i had no more bribary choccy's left, lol, I had previously been braiding hair at school from the age of 15 and remember doing it in the summers then, so i thought it would be great to add that to the deal, then i discovered glitter tattoos from argos of all places. My friend jenna was really supportive and told me to go for it, so we came up with the name, i feel it was like ronseal, it does exactly what is says on the tin.
2011 I set up lazy spa days which was at the time just hot tub hire, but seeing it not going anywhere and not really a need in torquay i decided to adapt the business, another old friend from newton abbot asked me what else did i do with the hot tubs, and she planted the seed for beauty. I decided to go to the outset groups and classes which where a huge inspiration and very beneficial to anyone either starting out in business or already has but wants to learn more about business, however if your like me and can be a serial entrepeneur you need to stay focused as you can easily be lead into other idea's.lol...
I started courses in beauty with the chief executive of habia who often ran business ideas through me and have seen them in action, then in sept i went back to college to gain more qualifications in beauty therapy and changed the name to simply gorgeous beauty.

2012 Chair of the friends of lindisfarne way park, i set up this group as i had a growing concern for the lack of play facilities for the children in our area, My main concern was the kids playing out on the streets, the boy racers zooming around in the cars and the safety for these kids as parents where not with them. Looking back on emails i had been complaining to the council for a while and trying to get some sort of community activities going on down the park, times in the past i was told there was no funding, but this time i was being nosy on the right day, I found out that there was no friends of the park group, but one was wanted and needed for the park, then told there was funding for the park but if there was no group then the funding may go elsewhere, Good job ive got broad shoulders, I happily took it on, again built website and advertising pages, went out to the public house to house delivering leaflets and gaining awareness for the park and it future. I really interact with the public and have amazing feedback from them, they know how hard im working for this and only want to get a park for the kids, my kids too. So we have had regeneration plan meetings and things are of to a flying start.
As i have started and built up all of these projects i am still working on the others. I still work at the weekends with wicked wrapz n fab faces, im going to be doing more training and build up even more clients for simply gorgeous aswell and retained the group to get the park.
I have been so so lucky in my first 2 years of business, forming decent ongoing relationships with other business's and organisations, raising money for to many to count charites or donating my time, or services to raise awareness for the charities.
I have been recognized in the herald express more than 5 times this year and been on west country news for my work with wicked wrapz n fab faces and raising money for charity.
Whilst doing all of this i have found inspiration from my sister, my mum,my kids and my neice, i have seen to decline in available jobs and the need for us mums to give ourselves our own opportunities, i have helped, encouraged and almost given away business idea's to other business's or members of the public wanting to start their own business's within the bay and devon, I have seen this for myself and can only feel proud that i have inspired so many people to do like i do, this is my whole aim, revive torbay, get more business's in our area and create more jobs, boosting the economics and tourism of the bay.
I do this aswell as being a mum to 2 under 7's years olds, there is nothing else that i can do as a job than what i do now , as the rewards are huge and brings me so much positivity and purpose in my life. Im really happy being me and doing these great things and will continue on my path of doing good for myslef and others.
So join me everyone, be your own boss and do something you love doing to.
One great big thank you to my partner for staying strong and helping me achieve my goals and to you the public, who have welcomed and supported me on my adventures.
And to all those who voted me Abbe Brooks-Weir as the business mum of the month sept 2012, it means loads to have my hard work recognized by my piers and fellow business associates.

Kind regards Abbe brooks-weir


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