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By Kate Keene - www.mama2mamadirect.co.uk

How quickly did those 6 weeks go? Well for me the first 5 weeks went very quickly.  The last week of the holidays however we were all craving some routine in our house.

My eldest is nearly 5 so he was well and truly ready for school. Having said that he has surprised me so much over the last 2 weeks. During the last week of the school holidays he insisted that we take the stabilisers off his bike. So I spent quite a while explaining that it wasn't quite that simple and that we would take them off and that we would go to the park a try it out with no stabilisers.  So equipped with helmet and first aid kit we headed to the park.  He was a tiny bit wobbly at first but I have to say he proved me completely wrong and off he went.  He absolutely loves the freedom.

The 4th September saw his first taste of reception. Previously described as "shy and needing to build his confidence" I was worried about how he would cope. He has made me incredibly proud and he has taken the first few days in his stride. He has loved his first week of school and even told me "that he was fine to go in on his own as he now knows where his coat peg is" clearly that was all I was required for.

It has been nice to have some quality time with my youngest son.  He is spending two mornings a week in nursery and the other 3 mornings I
am looking to keep us occupied with various groups.

So now we are returning to normality I am looking forward to spending my time on my business as well as on my other self employed commitments.

For Mama 2 Mama I have about 40 items of stock in size 14 to 16 to upload to our facebook page. Some items are available at the bargain
price of just £4!

I will also be promoting a friends website through facebook and twitter.  If you are looking for beautiful baby clothes the http://www.baababybaa.co.uk/ is a must see.  Some really beautiful gifts for mums to be and babies.

As well as that I will be doing an administration role for the fantastic Networking Mummies UK Ltd.  This role and my own business are allowing me to work from home and still be around for my family.

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