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What to do in the Holidays

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Combining working and childcare can be a nightmare for many working mummies.   It is hard enough when your gorgeous children are at school and you have longer days to fit in important business calls and admin, but when they are off for nearly 6 weeks,running a business can be difficult. 

 Whether you have one week off with the children in the holidays or are taking off the whole six weeks, trying to occupy the children so that they (and you) have fun can be hard.  The British weather doesn’t help either; most young children would be happy with a bucket and spade sitting on the beach, or in the back garden with a paddling pool.  Unfortunately, we cannot rely on Great Britain for good weather. 

 So with the need for more time to do work, and the fact that the weather is probably going to be pretty rotten for at least some of the holidays, I have come up with a few ideas to keep you and your little cherubs happy: 

  1. Make popcorn and watch a DVD... This is cheaper than going to the cinema and also gives you the opportunity to interact with the children.  And great if your little ones need a pit stop! 

  1. Make bread.  My 7 year old loves adding flour, water and yeast together and making bread rolls or loaves.  You can get inventive and create different flavours.  You are also ensuring that the bread your children are eating is far better than a shop-bought sliced loaf! 

  1. Go to the library; read books at the library if you want a trip out, or borrow them and take them home.  Books are a great source of learning too, so yet again it is fun and educational! 

  1. Have an indoor picnic.  You could use the bread you made for the sandwiches!  Invite the children’s teddy bears or Barbie dolls…. You could write a letter to the dolls inviting them to the picnic… 

  1. Learn magic tricks together and put on a show.  If you have lots of children a play could be acted out and a show put on…. If you have any puppets this could be great fun.  Think of The Sound of Music and you are on the right track.  If you haven’t seen The Sound of Music revert to point 1.  Great DVD to watch with the children. 

  1. Make puppets to use in the show.  See point 5! 

  1. Press flowers and make cards.  Although the weather might be grim, flowers are out in full force.  If you don’t have a flower press use kitchen towel and heavy books.  Little girls enjoy this immensely. 

  1. Wash the family car.  This is great fun and is also a way to get another job crossed off the never-ending to-do list that we have when running a home.   

  1. Play card games, make potato stamps, play scrabble and draughts, naughts and crosses… when was the last time you visited your games cupboard?   

  1. Turn tidying the house into a game.  Little boys and girls love helping mummy around the house – putting on a clothes wash, doing the washing up, even vacuuming.  Don’t be afraid to give it a go – the chances are they will love it. 

You will see many of these ideas are suitable come rain or shine… Of course we mustn’t forget the traditional ideas of going to the beach, walking the dog, playing tag in the garden, playing in the paddling pool, sleeping out under the stars, collecting rocks and painting them…. The list is endless, and most of it free! 

Good luck and enjoy your time with the children; the time will fly by so remember all work and no play makes mummy no fun.  I run a digital marketing company from Salisbury. Whilst the children are on holiday I try to have fun with them in the mornings (exhaust them) and then in the afternoons I work.  Each family is different, but if you do have time off with the children, enjoy it! 


Amanda Kennedy is an SEO expert, copywriter and social media speaker and trainer.  She runs the digital marketing company Kennedy PR from Downton, just south of Salisbury.   


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