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Are you a mummy with a blog? REVIEWERS REQUIRED

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Are you a mummy with a blog?

Here at Joker's Masquerade we have a plethora of fancy dress costumes, accessories and party supplies. We have a warehouse filled with various items that will be sent all over the country. What we don't have, however, is your opinion, and in a customer orientated business that relies so heavily on word of mouth we're hoping that you can help us.

Here's what we're looking for:

jm1As Halloween approaches we begin to see an uptake in spooky fancy dress costumes. It is important to us that we make sure our customer base is happy and that we are sending out products that are of a high quality and the recipients are happy with what they or their children will be wearing when October 31st comes round.

This year, it is our goal to make sure that our customer service is as good as it can be and one of the ways in which we can ensure that to be the case is by requesting product reviews from people who own blogs. Whether they be personal or business related they are both good mediums to receive feedback and in a public forum showing that we have nothing to hide. We think negative feedback shows that we have a transparent service and that we are effectively attempting to improve!

If you are the owner of a personal blog, one in which you share your photos, thoughts or whatever may come to mind and you would like a costume to review in an honest manner that you or your child can wear and keep, we may be interested in hearing from you.

jm2If you have a business and you have a blog, but maybe don't have time to keep it updated allow us to guest blog for you. We can cover various topics such as costumes, SEO, business or we can  supply a costume to review. It's your blog so why not compare it to an item you sell, link to items on your site in the post. It's a way of creating content that's new and Google responds to that.

If you'd like to contact us and have a chat about you reviewing a costume for us or even us sharing content with you, you can tweet us @joke_co_uk (remember you need to follow us before you can DM us), you can send us a message onour Facebook page here or you can contact us on our website. Just select 'marketing enquires' as the subject.

Tip: I don't have a blog, should I have one?

We're going to let you in on a piece of information that is essential if you happen to be small business owner that relies on the Internet to bring in revenue for you. Having a blog on your website can act as a medium to share news, insights to your business and can offer search engine optimisation benefits. The phrase 'content is king' is especially true when in reference to the search engine. Writing unique content will allow you to rank for hundreds of terms in your niche, it is also a way of creating content that is fresh and new as well as creating internal links. Google has stated 20% search queries in a day are unique so there is always the demand for new content.

If it is your goal to rank on Google as high as you possibly can and you do not have a blog we encourage you to create one. Create posts about interesting stories that happened in your office and link to products or pages on your site that you wish to be better ranked. This is a basic SEO tactic.

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  1. Lyn Blackledge

    I would I've to have a chat. I have an idea re a costume review. I'm in town in a while I'll pop in.

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