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alixhayHi everyone, I am Alix Hay, aged 33 years old and proud Mum of two girls aged 4 and very nearly 2. I have a third baby called Make A Mess www.make-a-mess.co.uk Make A Mess was born in September 2011, conceived on holiday just 3 months previous! My latest accolade is that of Networking Mummies Business Mum of the Month for the Stratford and Evesham branch.

Make A Mess was created after I had spent a few weeks looking around for activity groups to take my younger daughter to, I soon found that the same groups were still on offer, some of which I had had the pleasure of taking my eldest daughter to, as good as they were, it suddenly dawned on me that maybe it was time to introduce something new to the offering. So, having done my fair share of messy play at home, loving the fun it was, but realising also how stressful it was (paint and gloop covered hands being waved around my newly decorated kitchen gave me and more importantly my ever supportive husband the heebie jeebies!)

So, there it was, the penny dropped in June 2011 and by September I had sourced 2 venues and Make A Mess messy play groups were up and running with an encouraging number of members on board. It has been a steep learning curve, not only in owning and managing a business and all it’s elements but juggling being a mum and wife, however the recognition and feedback I have received and the benefits I see it giving my members and is what motivates me and I am now developing a franchise opportunity based on the success of Make A Mess. The franchise package I have developed is cost effective, and hugely rewarding. Enquires are more than welcome!

It is great to be able to meet up on a regular basis with Mums from my local area at the Stratford and Evesham branch coffee mornings and events, and we are quick to share news, stories and experiences. The branch is one of Networking Mummies’ newest branches, and I love supporting it and spreading it’s good work, and I am excited about the collaborations that will come about from being a member.

So, please look out for me as the months go by, come and follow be on twitter @MessAroundLtd and find me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/makemess to be kept updated on franchise news and messy play ideas.

I am determined to write a regular blog for my franchise business – how have I done?

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