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It is an honour to have been chosen as Business Mum of the Month for June 2012 by Suzannah Jones, Networking Mummies Torbay.  May 2012 was exciting and busy month for me as I launched the new jobs and opportunities section of my website Work For Mums, successfully delivered a presentation about increasing your visibility using Facebook to a room of 30 Phoenix Traders (my first ever presentation) and was also raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, so this combined with looking after 2 little ones and delivering 1-to-1 training sessions for local business took some  planning! 

Phoenix Trading

I started out my business journey back in April 2008 when I decided to start my own business selling greetings cards and stationery with Phoenix Trading.  I had never done anything like it before, but loved the products and knew that they could be sold (quite casually and easily) at the toddler groups and other events I was attending with my little ones. Fast forward a bit (I confess I ‘dabbled’ with the business for a couple of years!) and I decided to set up a blog website.  Initially I blogged about Phoenix on Work For Mums, but as that website evolved I moved my blog across to a new domain www.suzannahscards.co.uk.  I blog about bestselling cards, events, the business opportunity, fundraising I am doing and general news about direct selling.  Blogging has helped my business grow rapidly over the past 18 months and I now have a team of 22 traders.  Hence the Facebook presentation I mentioned above – I have had great success using Facebook for business and so was asked to do a 20 minute presentation on increasing visibility using Facebook, including what to post about and monitoring your page insights.  It was a real personal challenge but I am pleased I overcame my fear of public speaking (that’s not to say I wouldn’t be nervous next time!).

Work For Mums


In 2011 Work For Mums really started to take off.  I had been blogging and writing articles on the website and began to notice an increase in website traffic and people interested in advertising on the site/ promoting themselves and their businesses.  The launch of the new section in May this year was really exciting and I have had a positive response to it so far which is great.  It provides business opportunities and jobs for mums (and Dads!) and enables advertisers to place and manage their own listings.

Social Networking
I have to admit I am a self-confessed social media addict! You can usually find me lurking on Twitter or Facebook somewhere.  I have just started to offer local support for businesses who want to dip their toes into social networking. I run quite a few Facebook pages and have multiple Twitter accounts so I have lots of knowledge that I can share.

And the rest!
As well as running Work For Mums and my Phoenix business, I am a partner of my husband (Colin) website design and marketing company and own an e-commerce shop called Mother Hen Cards.  I also have 2 lovely children to look after – Josef is 7 and Seren is 5.  My husband and I both love working flexibly as it means we can spend lots of time with the children, but this does mean we need to catch up with work in the evenings sometimes.  Colin has Cystic Fibrosis so we have some periods where he is poorly but thankfully he manages to stay quite well.

In the little spare time I have (!), I like to read, go out walking in the beautiful local area with my family and watch movies.

Suzannah Butcher, Work For Mums


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