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Business Mum of the Month Dorset - SADIE NEWTON

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sadieMaking the decision to give up a regular wage with holiday/sick pay was not an easy one. But I really needed a challenge. Most importantly I wanted to spend quality with my children one of which is in the last year of school and another just about to start school. I am in complete control of the hours I work (which I think is about 24 hours a day) but I will no longer have to beg to have time out to see school plays or sports day and this never went down well with fellow colleagues without children.

I decided to peruse the career I love, being a travel agent this for me really is not a job it’s fun I love spending hours trawling through various operators/airlines and putting together the perfect holiday to suit individual needs. There are pit falls in travel and I am able to give support to my clients both here and abroad. For example during the ash cloud a fellow Travel Counsellor drove to Italy to pick up a client so their son would not miss out on a GCSE exam. Customer Service is of the upmost importance to me and is another reason why I left the High Street.

I wouldn’t say it is easy from home, I definitely thought that I would have a lot more time to keep the house tidy, cook a proper meal every evening, ironing gets done when we need to wear it, I had great plans for the garden. I have not turned into the domestic goddess I thought I would be, my family and my business come first, luckily I have a like-minded husband he cooks better than do anyway.

My business is based on referrals; Networking mummies has given me some great networking opportunities, allowing me to bring my youngest to the guilt free networking sessions and for him to make new friends. The support I get from fellow mummies has been brilliant, it is lonely sometimes not going into an office and just chatting with colleagues. I have made some great friends on Networking mummies and met some very inspirational people.

Sadie Newton

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