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Vintage Rose, YO8 4PT- Gallery Launch 28th April 2012- www.vintageroseselby.co.uk

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On the 28th April Vintage Rose, Selby, launched their ‘rent a shelf scheme’ with a fun filled party to welcome their first set of ‘renters’.  Vintage Rose is a little cave of pretty treasures from 1940’s bed spreads to handmade baby toys and it has one aim- to brighten people’s day.  Opened last year by a mother, Cheryl, and her two daughters, Sam, 26, and Sarah, 21- Vintage Rose is always full of colourful and fun pieces to make you smile.

By opening such a lively shop in Selby, it has proved challenging to keep the shelves stocked with unique pieces.  Cheryl restores furniture and hand makes products, Sarah keeps the business in order and Sam runs the events and fairs as well as looking after her 6 month old daughter. “I hated having to buy in generic stock from suppliers” said Sarah. “It wasn’t what I wanted Vintage Rose to be about.  I came up with the idea to rent space to other crafters as a way to keep a constant stream of unique products but also to give small and online businesses a chance to see their loving made pieces in a real shop.”

The difference with renting a shelf is that the crafters keep their profits, they have a space for advertising and they can take orders for bespoke pieces. “We wanted this scheme to be more than just ‘selling other’s stock’.  We have created a renter’s club where the crafters help one another out with ideas, leafleting, social shout outs and fairs. Sam has even set up a weekly renters club on Facebook- so we can all chat!” Most of the renters are Mummies who create their lovely pieces in their spare-time but want their hard work to be seen by the public. Sam, who organises Vintage Rose’s events says that “with times being hard, especially for little shops, it’s essential that we all pull together to keep British handmade products in production.” Mum’s that help one another out with networking and advertising can become a very efficient group.

Vintage Rose put out their first ‘rent a shelf’ advert on Twitter at the beginning of April and by the 28th they had seven renters signed up, with beautiful displays and a party to celebrate their work. Vintage Rose was ‘full to the brim’ with renters, customers and local businesses enjoying delicious cakes from www.treaclescakes.co.uk and face painting for the children by Ade- The Face Painting Fairy. The first set of renters includes:

This is Not A Spoon- ‘Hippy, Happy, Hoppy’ http://www.facebook.com/notaspoon







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