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Moon Sand Review Pack

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Postman arrived with a big box which contained the Pet Shop Moon Sand Moulding Kit from Blog Match for us to review with. My daughter Ashleigh, who is nearly 6 years old couldn't wait to get started!

moonsandI sat her at the dining room table to get started and she spent the first few hours having so much fun moudling different animals etc and was very pleased with each one as she kept coming over to where I was working to show me. She had them all lined up and was having fun mixing the colours too. As it was over the Easter holiday's we were in and out quite a bit so the stuff stayed out on the table and everytime we came back it is the first thing she wanted to play with.

My only problem was is that it did seem to get all over the floor and then she was stepping in it and taking it into other parts of the house but I think with a little more supervision and help for someone her age then it wouldn't of been to much a problem.

We have had moon sand in the past and would recommend it, especially for those crafty children out there!

Moon Sand Pet Shop Moulding Kit is available from Argos priced £14.97 and other major toy retailers. Includes pet shop, 13 moulds, 2-in1 tool & 2 colours of Moon Sand.

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