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Warwickshire Recruitment Fayre

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Warwickshire Recruitment Fayre-

February 23rd 2012


Firstly I want to thank everyone involved for making this such a wonderful event. Without the support of everyone it would not have been as successful as it was so thank you. When Laura and myself first sat down together in November to discuss the Warwickshire branch we both decided straight away we wanted to follow on from the success of the recruitment fayre in Dorset. We knew it was going to be hard work and a lot to organise but knew it was the direction we wanted to go. We wanted it to be a great success and have plans in the future to hold them in Warwickshire twice a year- we are planning the next one for business mums week in October. It is also our aim to have them across all Networking mummies branches- we want Networking mummies to be known within the community for our recruitment fayres and bringing the community together.

The fayre on Thursday at Bath Place community venture definitely brought the community together. As most of you are aware at the final stages of planning the event we found out about the plans to evict Bath Place from their home at the old library building. We saw just how much the building meant to Clayton and the team there and genuinely wanted to help. People that made the event know that we set up a petition and launched it at the recruitment fayre. Laura and I sat at the door way handing out the goody bags and asking everyone to support our petition. I’m pleased to say around 100 people came to the event and 91 people signed our petition that afternoon, we are getting it online this week and there will be news on that later. People were shocked and unhappy about the site being sold for non- community projects. A photographer from the Leamington Observer came on the day also and took some pictures so keep an eye out for us in the local press!!

The recruitment fayre itself saw people from all across the country (some as far as London) come to offer recruitment and business advice to people seeking work, looking for services, advice or further education. Having spoken to all stand holders that day I know everyone was very passionate about their businesses and this was displayed to everyone who attended. It was great to see familiar faces from previous events but fantastic to welcome new faces and new businesses to their first Networking Mummies event. Some were so new to their business that they had limited materials yet they still turned up with great energy ready to look for the next group of people that might be interested in what they had to offer them. This was my first big event since taking over from Joanne as co-owner and it was great to be a part of it. There was a lot of behind the scenes preparation involved and I think both myself and Laura learned that next time we need to employ an army of teenagers to do the leaflet drops and not try and do everything ourselves!

There was such a great buzz in the room at the event and people from Bath Place gave us really great feedback all day with one person telling me “This is a great event it’s exactly what this place is about”. Another lady told me as I handed her a goody bag “Wow I’ve never seen so many genuine business opportunities under one roof”. It was great to see stand holders sharing ideas and opportunities between themselves also. 

I’m really looking forward to the next one!

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