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Hi All,

Some of you may have seen via Facebook and our  blog here that there have been some major changes happening behind the scenes.

As Co-Founder of Networking Mummies with Joanne Dewberry, which started in Bournemouth the business has gone from strength so strength with our 6 branch being signed up tomorrow across the UK. Myself and Joanne have worked together for the past 2 and a half years and it certainly has been a rollercoaster of a ride. Joanne has had some of her own personal problems and some great business success and made a big decision to step down from Networking Mummies UK a few months ago. After some talks I am so pleased to announce that my long term friend and business associate Stacey Calder will now be my new Co-Partner in Networking Mummies UK.

This means that nothing changes with Networking Mummies and the only thing that will is we intend to get bigger! It also means that our head office will now be run from Warwickshire, with the Midlands being a great base for National franchisee owners.

What it also means that even though Stacie was announced the new Franchisee owner of the 'Warwickshire' Branch we will also continue to run this branch together to be the base, soul and ideas for everything we do.

We have some great plans to grow Networking Mummies UK next year and we want you all to be involved. Myself and Joanne started the business for a community of people to network and build relationships and we want to continue in doing so with all of you.

I wanted to say thankyou to Joanne for the past few years, she did a great blog yesterday which I know has touched a great amount of people with inspiration and finally thankyou to Stacey Calder. We have known each other since we travelled through schools and Stacie practically lived at my house for alot of School holidays! We didn't tend to listen at school but who would of thought we would be sat here now building out future's together.

I hope you join me in wishing Stacie a warm welcome.

Kind Regards,
Laura Morris (Co-Founder and Co-Owner) of www.networkingmummies.com

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