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Feedback From June Coffee Morning with guest speaker Sheryl Andrews

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I attended the Networking Mummies coffee morning in June, hosted by Sheryl Andrews from Step by Step Listening.  Sheryl was so welcoming and instantly put me at ease, introducing me to everyone including her delightful family.  We used the session as an opportunity to learn more about how the Clean Language method brings focus and success to people in business.  Sheryl expertly helped us to explore our business frustrations, and to progress with a renewed understanding and sense of direction. 

All this in just 2 hours!  Not only have I joined an extensive local network of support and referral, the guided thinking exercises have also proved tremendously valuable.  Highly recommended - you owe it to yourself and to your clients to invest this time in your business. 

Charlotte Forder

Missed this one?? The next session with Sheryl is October 4th 11am. 

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