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distancedietersLast Friday, the 13th May, I was invited to speak at Networking Mummies in Warwick at The Lanes restaurant by Laura Morris.  

We had a small but perfectly formed turnout of ladies, plenty of coffee, loads of chit chat, conversation, fun and laughter. 

I was there to talk about food!  I specialise in what people eat.  Whether it’s for weight loss (the most common situation), weight gain (for the lucky few), or eating for energy and wellbeing.  We are really only as good as our last meal or snack.  Think of food as the most powerful drug that most of us have on a regular basis and you begin to get some idea of the impact that food has.

We tend to put our tiredness down to working too hard, the children not sleeping well, too much going on, too busy etc, etc.  However, what we forget is the impact that our fuel (food) has on us on a daily basis.  In other words it is easy to attribute tiredness, lack of focus and lack of concentration to everyday life when in fact our food can and will be the cause of some of this.  Food is something we have so often, we eat or graze very regularly, that the tendency is to forget about it altogether.  We discount the impact food has on us, our energy, our mental state and our overall wellbeing.


Very often we go through life being unhappy with our weight. All too frequently I speak to people who have been trying to lose weight for some time.  It is about knowing and understanding what food does to our bodies and minds, how our blood sugar level and therefore energy level is affected by food.  Once we begin to understand more of this process then we can make more informed choices about the foods we eat. 

The same principles apply for those who would like to gain a few pounds and also for those who want to learn how to maintain their weight with ease.


Some Helpful Reading

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