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speed networkingAre you not entirely comfortable with some more 'traditional' networking groups where you can sometimes struggle to 'break in' to groups of people talking and/or don't feel confident enough to contribute much. Or you leave an event after speaking to the same old people? Well Networking Mummies has just the thing for you …. Speed Networking. The idea is the same as Speed Dating but instead of finding the love of your life you get 10 minutes to chat about business.

Networking Mummies like to work in a relaxed way there are opportunites for group networking and a bite to eat in between the 2 rounds of 1hour speed networking.

“Having never been to a speed networking event before I wasn’t sure it was for me...as I like to chat more that 10 mins. However... The event was an eye opener for me and I meet people who I would have never associated with working with before... good evening” David King - DK Capture Photography and Studio Hire

hants logoThe beauty of Speed Networking is that you have to spend 10 minutes talking to people, you have no choice. It’s a great way to broaden your business circle and mingle with people you might not normally.

Speed Networking hit Hampshire with a hop, skip and jump on April 26th 2011.  There was a lovely mix of businesses, most of whom had not meet each other before.   The Venue wasn't the best but we live and learn .... if you know of any GREAT venues in Hampshire please shout!

Hope to see many more new businesses and members at Brainstorming on Wednesday 18th May 2011.  This event is FREE to attend and will only cost you a cup of coffee or tea (and if your anything like me you might need cake ;) haha!!) 

For further information about the Hampshire Branch please contact Joanne [email protected]

Don't forget the Hampshire Franchise is for SALE 



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