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There is Another Way - Guest blog

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Guest Blog - Maggie Ayre
Personal Trainer and Nutrition Adviser
Sea Breeze Fitness

There is Another Way

You want a toned body for the summer.  You want short effective workouts that you can fit into your day.  You want to know that you’re performing the exercises correctly and that they will be effective.  You want personal care, attention and support…… but you don’t want the price tag of a Personal Trainer.

Personal Trainers are great – my personal trainer offers me a fully personalised service which gets me results.  He is just perfect for what I am after.  Obviously my health and fitness are key to my business and with the many sporty hobbies I take part in being in shape is very important to me.

Exercise classes are great – I attend a fantastic Step class every Friday evening that is great fun, I get my heart rate up, I see (and get to know) the same faces every week and it’s a great break from routine – especially as the majority of my workouts are solo affairs. 

But my Personal Trainer comes with a PT’s price tag and my Step class doesn’t offer me a personalised service – there must be another way……
Well, there is!

Sea Breeze Fitness are launching Small Group Personal Training!  With a maximum of just 4 people in each session you get the results you want, with the personal attention you want, with the social side of an exercise class and without the price tag of PT sessions.

My first group are ready and raring to go as soon as “Squirrel Park” reopens.  We will meet for a 6.30am workout twice a week and the ladies will have a third video workout to complete in their own time.  Every participant gets a 1-2-1 meeting with me to discuss their own specific needs, requirements and goals and all of the sessions will be tailored around these.  All participants will get a copy of the Sea Breeze Fitness Nutrition Manual as standard but they will also receive individual nutrition help and advice tailored to their own specific needs.  There will be regular assessments included in the programme so everyone can see just how quickly they are progressing towards their goals.

SeaBreeze DirectoryDoes this sound like the sort of training you want?  Does this sound like the sort of training you need?

The first group have opted for an early morning training session but I have other times available through the day – perhaps a session after the school drop off would suit you better?  Or maybe something after work?

If this is something that interests you please do get in touch on 07899 984597 or [email protected] whether you are looking to join a group of three or already have some friends you want to train with.

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