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2nd Birthday Party STATEMENT

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As you may or may not be aware Joanne Dewberry is pregnant with her 3rd child due in May.  When we first organised our 2nd Party we had no reason to think this would be an issue.  Sadly at 20 weeks it was noticed that there is a problem with the growth of Joanne's baby.  Although healthy she is very very small.  Joanne has been monitored since then and is more than likely to deliver her daughter in March.  Over the last few days Joanne has had to undergo a few medical tests, nothing serious but she is incredibly tired and we have taken the decision that a long drive to and from Newbury coupled with a full day hosting the Bigger Picture event only weeks before her next big scan is possibly to much for even our supermummy!  

It is with regret we feel that we should cancel the event.  All attendees have been refunded and we will aim to hold one once baby and Joanne are more settled and well. If you are interested in finding out more about the franchise packet then please email [email protected] .

There is still an opportunity to promote your business in 10,000 copies of the NEW Bigger Picture Networking Mummies Magazine.

Thank you 

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  1. Not an easy decision for any of you. But well done for making it. Good luck Joanne & baby. The plans have not ended, just been slightly delayed. And what's more important? I think you've made the right decision. ;)

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