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A free hour outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant will earn you money

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A Virtual Assistant (VA) offers their clients remote support with a range of tasks whether they are business related or personal. They help clients with tasks such as bookkeeping, managing appointments and diaries, as well as setting up online banking. These tasks can be arranged however best suits the client, be it by telephone, email or video calling. They essentially offer clients services that a personal assistant would and more, thus saving their clients time, money and workspace.

The relationship between a VA and their clients relies on mutual trust and understanding. VAs may often deal with personal information such as their clients’ bank details if they are managing their bank accounts and paying their bills. Therefore, it is reassuring to know that not only is your VA is always on hand to help you but that your company or personal life is in capable and trustworthy hands.

The top five benefits to be gained from having a VA are ;

  • SAVE MONEY WITH NO OVERHEADS such as office space, equipment and wages

  • NO CONTRACT you only pay for the work you need, when you need it

  • FLEXIBILITY of time; control and decide what works best for you when you need it most

  • INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY and free up your work load as you delegate your time consuming tasks.

  • INCREASED EARNING POTENTIAL using time zones. If your business is based Asia with an 8 hour time difference to Europe you can use a European VA to close the loop with your European clients. Make the time differences work for you!

In his No.1 New York Times bestseller ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’, Tim Ferriss, writes about the importance of outsourcing your life as delegation can be key to your success. Outsourcing the tasks that you are perhaps weakest at or that take up too much of your time to a VA, can give you more time to focus on more important tasks such as networking or increasing your clientele. According to http://www.targetpages.com the top ten tasks to outsource are research, email website design, blogging, article marketing, social networking, email marketing, presentation preparation, online videos, phone/email support and bookkeeping/accounting. All these tasks can either be passed on to a VA or your VA may be able to find you companies to do them for you.

Amelia Coutisson, owner of CoutissonVA.com, an Executive Virtual Assistance company, has over fifteen years of Personal Assistant experience working for high profile clients such Royal Milliner Philip Treacy OBE, singer Bryan Ferry and Rock Photographer Denis O’Regan. Amelia uses her wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism to help her clients regardless of what industry they are in or the tasks they need help with. Plus, her knowledge of modern technology can help you set up conference calls with as many as 30 people - saving you the hassle of time and money spent travelling – as well as help with the running of your social networking websites.

'No distractions. The job gets done even if I'm not around’ (Denis O’Regan – www.denis.co.uk)

Being based in Malaysia with clients all over the world, having a VA in Europe to close the loop has been a productive way to grow our business’ (http://thearmourfactory.com)

For a limited time, CoutissonVA.com is offering new clients two hours of time for the price of one. If you buy an hour of time, you’ll get another hour for free > http://www.CoutissonVA.com

For further information, contact Amelia Coutisson on

Tel +44 (0)7976765444

Skype coutissonva.com

Email [email protected]

Website www.coutissonva.com

Twitter www.twitter.com/coutissonVA

LinkedIn http://uk.linkedin.com/in/coutissonva

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Coutisson-Virtual-Assistance/147958695227606

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