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Did you hear the one about the ballet dancer, the hypnotist and the cupcake maker?

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Dorset LogoDid you hear the one about the ballet dancer, the hypnotist and the cupcake maker? If not you obviously weren’t at the Speed Networking hosted by Networking Mummies last Wednesday! 

I heard about the event on the netmums.com notice board, and as a freelance copy writer and marketing consultant looking for some more local clients, I thought it would be a perfect way for me to meet some new people. Everyone needs marketing after all, right?!

I had expected the atmosphere would be a bit tense and was concerned that I would be confronted with people who were only there to hard-sell me their products or services (flashbacks of attending ghastly Chamber of Commerce events in my agency days were abounding!). Happily, I couldn’t have been more wrong; the twenty or so attendees were charming and very easy to talk to. Often the allocated ten minutes per person seemed too short, and not because I was trying to flog my services (although I was of course!), but because I was so interested in all the other participants and what they had to say.

It was a very diverse group and I not only met some lovely people, but also learned a lot including how to save money on the cost of a wedding, how hypnotism could save the NHS millions, the way Pilates can change lives, where to go if I need a horse photographed, the amazing benefits Aloe can bring, what “cake balls” taste like, and where to get hold of edible glitter...not bad for a Wednesday night!

I would definitely recommend Speed Networking with Networking Mummies to any small business or freelancer – and you don’t actually have to be a mummy (or even a daddy) to join in. You will have a very enjoyable evening, meet interesting people and even get some new clients if you’re lucky – I am excited to be talking with Lulubelle’s Cupcakes and Wedding VIP Card about possible projects already!

Give it a try - I’m so pleased I went, it’s probably the best £15 I’ve spent on trying to generate new business this year!


Jess Boston

Freelance Marketing and Copy Writing

PS: If you are looking for affordable, professional marketing or copy writing why not drop me an email at [email protected] or maybe I’ll see you at Speed Networking some time!

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