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East Devon Business Mum of the Month - Kes Reid

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Hi, I’m Kes Reid. As a parent, science teacher, sports scientist and volunteer sports even organizer, we need to get our kids moving! 

Our youngsters are less active than ever before and according to the Health Survey for England 2015, 28% of children aged 2 to 15 were either overweight (14%) or obese (14%). That’s over a quarter of the child population!

My son Joe and I

This is having worrying implications, not just on the next generation’s health and happiness, but is an increasing concern for schools and children’s ability to learn.

Teachers are finding children are starting school less physically ready than ever before. This lack of motor skills can lead to them having difficulty reading or writing across a page, gripping a pen or pencil, sitting upright at a desk or having the endurance to last a whole day at school.

I’m a Devon mother who has recently moved back home from working overseas as a school teacher in Australia and New Zealand.You think of New Zealand and Australia as outdoor playgrounds but surprisingly, these countries are facing the same challenges that we are here in the UK!  My business, Whizz Kids Toys, has been born from witnessing this worrying trend first hand in these countries and wanting to do something about it.

The good news is that there are simple things we can do as parents at home or through the school system that can have a real positive impact on your child’s motor skills development and potentially boost their learning at school.

The trick is to get in early. At birth your child’s brain is 25% the size of their adult brain. By 3 years it’s at 80%! Those early years are so vital for building a good foundation of brain connections.

My business started in November 2017 and I sell a range of active toys such as balance bikes, bike accessories, rocking toys, standing balance toys and other ride-on vehicles throughout the UK  that promote motor skill development and physical activity. Just hop onto https://whizzkids-toys.co.uk to take a look.

All these toys are great at developing a range of motor skills such as balance, strength, co-ordination, spatial awareness, grip and endurance that are essential for life and learning. I highlight the play benefits for your child in each product description.

I also offer Ride a Bike Activity Sessions for local schools or child care centres where I set up bike circuits with rumble strips and ramps in the hall or playground. I bring my collection of 10 Strider and Wishbone Balance Bikes to create a fun active session. 

Another goal of mine is to support parents and teachers. Monthly newsletters that showcase fun motor skill activities that can be tried at home, in the garden, in the local park or at school. Featured initiatives from organisations around the UK that boost physical movement. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages to share a wealth of activities and ideas. Let me do the research for you!

Thank you to Networking Mummies East Devon and Networking Mummies UK for this recognition. I hope that my little business can go from strength to strength and we can get our kids moving! 

Kes Reid 

Website:  https://whizzkids-toys.co.uk

Facebook Page:  https://business.facebook.com/whizzkidstoys/?business_id=1710068082366307

Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/whizzkidstoys/

Pinterest Page: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/whizzkidstoys/boards/


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