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Review of Fidgetbum

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fidget bumWhen I first had a look at Fidgetbum I was pleasantly surprised. How is such a simple concept not given to every parent the moment they leave the hospital? 

Children wriggle. They kick and blankets/quilts do slide off on to the floor and 20 mins later you have a cold little one who wants in bed with parents and no one sleeps. 

So along came the genius invention of the FidgetBum.

An easy to put on wrap that keeps the blankets in place, and still allows little one to move freely in the bed and get out for toilet trips/drink of water/monster under bed checking and the 101 things kids use to not go to sleep. 

My little one is slightly older than others who have used it, but I put it on and showed it to her. She seemed quite excited. 

So, feeling slightly nervous she went to bed. and she fell asleep! Yes Just fell asleep without the usual " Mummy whats the meaning of life?" in depth conversations she likes to start.

And she slept

And slept

And we didnt hear a peep out of her until the following morning. 

Same for the next night

And the night after. 

This whole sleeping the night through without waking because the quilt is on the floor, or more likely her “ Baboo” (snuggle blanket) was very easy to get used to, and I was already formulating my plan to get Mel Wood a Damehood for her invention.

Then Grandma bought her My Little Pony Bedding and off came the Fidgetbum. 

I cried inside as I tried to convince her that you can still see FlutterShy on her quilt, just not all of her. 

I put the Fidgetbum on, she took it off. Now I see why younger children are easier. 

So I gave in and accepted my fate of Zombie Mum forever.

BUT!!!! The few nights of having Fidgetbum on had taught her to not wriggle as much. No kicking the quilt off, no Baboo falling on the floor! 

We were still sleeping! 

So Mel Wood, I am still working on my plan for a Damehood, because Fidgetbum is the greatest thing you can have for a wriggly little one!!

Knowing at times i have thought I would pay £100 for a good nights sleep, this is nowhere near and worth every penny.

So Dame Mel Wood.Thank you from a recovered Zombie Mum.



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