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"Being a parent of teenagers can be a challenging experience.

Your teenager starts changing, wanting to do different things (usually without you) and pushing the boundaries even more than they have before.

Understanding these changes and adapting your own behaviour is crucial to be successful at parenting your teenagers.

In this audio coaching I share my tips on how you can not only succeed at 'parenting teenagers' but also enjoy the experience. 

The Audio book is approximately 2hrs 10mins and is available for digital download NOW. "

Sounds excellent - no??  Fancy winning a copy of this fabulous Audio Book from Darren Toms - The Choice Coaching Programme  Then its easy just answer this question below in the comments box.

"What is the £value of the 'How to Enjoy Parenting Audio Programme?'"

Competition ends on Saturday 6th November at 6pm winner announced at 8pm - thank you 

The winner is Rachel Jeffries http://www.TotsAndTiddlersToys.com who was correct the £value is £20 but Darren is doing a deal for £4.99.

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  1. the value is £20, on offer for £4.99 :o)

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  2. £20 I could definately do with this, Emily turns teenager officially next year but its already all begun!!

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  3. The value of the audio is £20 but Darren is doing a massive £4.99 offer :) Bargain

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  4. How to enjoy parenting audio programme - teenagers costs £4.99

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