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Hayley Anderson-Richardson- Finalist #NMAwards2017

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10842096_10154177555458647_7524868265218611536_oWow second year in a row as a finalist in the Networking Mummies Awards, what an honour. 

Across the years i have owned and sold several businesses over the years and loved each one for different reasons and each has taught me various lessons on the way. I just wanted to share a few things that have helped me along the way. 

First a bit about me, I am Hayley, Mum to three unbelievable children who teach me more about life than anyone or anything else ever could. Wife and PA to my long suffering hubby Mark and keep of to many animals, including horses, dogs, cat, lizard, fish, chickens, parrot, ….the list goes on and continues to grow. 

I love working for myself, I love the flexibility and challenges it brings. 

After a life changing accident nearly five years ago which saw me wheelchair bound for several months and taking nearly two years to recover with a further year to recover fully, I knew I needed a different kind of business to the one I had, one which fitted with my family more and gave me my weekends back. 

Around this time I came up with a new business idea based around what I loved doing - supporting parents, and so Families In Sync was born. Families In Sync was initially started to support families one to one with any parenting issues which was an area I had worked and trained in for many years plus supply nannies to families looking for childcare. 

I knew from day one this was THE business i had been waiting for, I loved it (and still do) however over the years it has evolved and changed, the nanny agency no longer exists, clients were passed onto a local agency and a training consultancy for childcare professionals appeared in its place and this is the most fabulous and busy service and its e-learning service launches this year. My parenting support now includes group sessions and also parent and child play sessions. I am currently in talks to take my online training and support services into the Australian market.  Plus due to several programmes I have been part of I am now mentoring and coaching Mums starting out in business and with small businesses to develop with a unique new programme which launches very soon. 

When I started out with my first business many years ago i thought you started with an idea and that's what you did as you had committed to it, but business is fluid and both business and you change so roll with it, develop your ideas and your business as you need to. 

I never thought I would be discussing taking my company international while still managing to do this around my family and still loving spending relaxed school holidays with my children but I am. 

One of the best pieces of advice I received was “If you believe you can do it you will do it”. I had so many people tell me I was mad starting this business and it was really hard work to start with (and it still is) but I believed this would be a huge success and at the end of the day belief and vision will be what keeps you going.  

My one piece of advice …..if you really believe in your heart you want to do something and you believe you can make it work just go for it, life is too short and you don’t want to grow old with regrets.  

Oh and read...lots, I read personal development books and business books all the time and they have really helped, plus things like vision boards to help me focus, keeping journals to look back on, always having a notebook handy (i have the best ideas at the strangest of times) and lastly make time for you! You can't help others if you burn yourself out and have nothing left to give. 

I have written several blogs about working from home with children and how to manage your time, you can read them by visiting https://familiesinsync.wordpress.com/ , I would love to hear what you think. 

Being able to attend awards evenings such as the Networking Mummies Awards and hear all of the totally inspirational stories and hear all of the fabulous businesses is a real honour and leaves me feeling totally inspired. I cannot wait to meet everyone in May. 



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