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Organix MD, Anna Rosier, to judge at the Networking Mummies Awards 2017

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Organix Logo 2013 SPOT (2) USEOrganix MD, Anna Rosier, to judge at the Networking Mummies Awards 2017 

Passionate about better food choices for parents and their little ones, Anna Rosier from Organix is a judge at this year’s Networking Mummies Awards. At Organix, Anna has helped to champion the right thing for children’s food, empowering parents to make healthy food choices, encouraging a life-long love of food, and challenging the government and food industry… but what else is there to know about Organix? 

Organix are the UK’s top selling baby and toddler snack food brand, creating snack foods for kids that are delicious, fun and junk-free! Organix makes weaning and finger foods to help little ones discover new shapes, textures and tastes in the early stages of their development, a range of Goodies toddler foods that help make exploring all kinds of food fun, safe and enjoyable as they grow up, and Punk’d, a range of snacks for older children that rebels against junk and makes the good snacks that parents want, cool for kids to eat. 

With a love for making things better, Organix were founded with a mission to create a world where healthy, nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. Their No Junk Promise means that all the foods they make are organic, never contain unnecessary ingredients, and are setting standards in what healthy, tasty foods for children should be - providing reassurance to parents, and giving little ones great tasting snacks without the junk. 

From what to avoid and what to watch out for, to practical advice on checking food labels, Organix are helping families make the best decisions for their children. 

They also campaign to make change where it’s needed and make a difference for the future health of families, for example: funding the Food for Life programme that sparked Jamie’s School Dinners, Action on Additives which sought the removal of six artificial colours from food targeted at children, and starting the Out to Lunch campaign to improve the quality of restaurant food available to children. 

This year, Organix are celebrating their 25th anniversary – that’s 25 years championing the right thing for children’s food. In their 25 years of business, Organix have sold their foods to a whopping 12 million people! In fact, they have sold over 235 million Goodies Soft Oaty Bars – that’s enough to reach Timbuktu and back 3 times! 

For more information about Organix, their foods, recipes, and advice, visit www.organix.com 

Organix – we love making things better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_uG3aeDfno

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