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Warwickshire based children's book creators Little Boot Books have been celebrating their Business of the Week award from #EarlyYearsHour

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This week, Warwickshire based children's book creators Little Boot Books have been celebrating their Business of the Week award from #EarlyYearsHour. Despite being a very new partnership, Little Boot Books has already received a wealth of wonderful reviews for their first publication – Mandy and Mitch and the Big Brave Boots – a picture storybook that encourages families to explore and discuss the tricky subject of worry and anxiety. But how did this new project come into being? Project Manager Becki Pantling writes to tell us more... 

All projects start somewhere. This one started with a simple conversation – old friends catching up and finding out about what each other had been doing, how they were feeling, and what they were planning. Then, like all the best conversations, it took a rather exciting new direction when Alison told me she was thinking of writing a children’s book. Her idea was born not just of excitement, but also practicality – while parenting a young daughter with anxiety, Alison found stories to be an amazing tool for communicating and tackling her child's worries. Now she wanted to share that tool with others, through a beautifully imagined idea she explained as 'worry bubbles'. 

One year later (with the help of the super talented illustrator Samantha Theobald-Roe and brilliant composer Rachel Jamieson), we found ourselves on the brink of launching our very first book together – and we decided right from the beginning that we wanted to start getting as many little readers as possible to start tackling some big ideas! 

So we made the brave choice to start up on a shoestring – instead of asking readers to speculate on our work, we wanted them to be able to own some right away, and understand exactly what our vision is for helping little readers through the power of stories and imagination. 

That’s why you’re already able to buy our print books (through the magic of print-on-demand publishing from CreateSpace, since we’re too tiny to afford a warehouse!), and download our audiobooks too. We’ve even got an eBook on the way, for your tech-savvy little bookworms. 

By choosing to support us at this stage, you’re directly contributing to a tiny team taking their first brave steps into the world of publishing. We’re here because we genuinely want to make a difference to the lives of our little readers, one page and one brave step at a time. We hope you’re still reading this because you share that vision, and you’d like to support us in doing so – if that’s the case, please consider buying something for your little reader today. And if you’re feeling really lovely, please share the news about us with your friends! 

Little Boot Books are now taking our first steps, with help along the way from lovely supporters like #EarlyYearsHour and Networking Mummies – and we look forward to sharing the journey with you too. Thanks for being here at the start. 

If you would like to find out more about us and what we’re getting up to, please visit our website at www.littlebootbooks.com and follow us at www.twitter.com/littlebootbooks or https://www.facebook.com/littlebootbooks

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