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What is Networking by Cattersgill Photography

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Shelli2BWwebHi Im Lisa and I'm a Networking Mummies Finalist 2017 for Networker of the Year! Thats great right?! Seems pretty easy if you have plenty of friends and you have a great business thats others can feed off, however, I don't and 2 years ago I knew no-one so how did I do it?

Promoting your business and becoming a great business networker are two very different things but its surprising how people try to tie them together. Think of business networking like when you meet a new friend, if that friend just talks about their life and what they are doing...and how rosy and wonderful their world is, you probably won't go for coffee with them any time soon. Equally you wouldn't try to sell your business to your friends when you see them, you chat about lots of things and lets face it the first question usually asked is "how are you?" - well to me, thats good networking.

Through meeting new people and new businesses Ive learnt so much, so many businesses are happy to help with that website problem or promotion, or in my case I'm now running Maternity Pamper Days with a fellow Networking Mummy, Helen Chidgey. We offer Tropic, chemical free, maternity pamper days followed by a maternity photoshoot for expecting mums. That idea came over a coffee and catch up. Ive also ran Christmas baby days with Rascals toys shop and Diana from Crazy Kiln, again another catch up where we just brain stormed ways to work together. Networking done right is organic and grows out of care for another business and wanting others to succeed. 

I don't see networking as part of my client base, it rarely brings me my 'ideal client'. I really love to help others and have appreciated every helping hand Ive had in starting my Newborn Photography business. Local twitter queen Lou Fox who runs #suahour has given me her support and guidance in tweeting, Dee from Diggory Lifestyle is almost my zen master for when I need to untangle the stress and isolation of running my own business, Victoria Alcock the Stratford Branch Leader for Networking Mummies is always there and continuously runs coffee mornings for us all to connect so all the possibilities above can happen. 

Networking done right brings so much more than a new client, its the support network and the escape from those lonely days at the computer, its the new possibilities and the self growth as a business owner.


Lisa Cattersgill


Specialist Newborn Baby and Maternity Photographer



NCT and British Red Cross, baby first aid trained

Safe transitional newborn posing, Newborn Photography Training,  Melanie East

Tracy Willis Composite Training,

HNC in Photography, City Westminster College, London.

National finalist 2016, New business of the year, Networking Mummies

National finalist 2017, Networker of the year, Networking Mummies

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