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Cattersgill Photography from Newborn to 9 Months

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I first met Lisa when she came to her first Networking Mummies meeting in Stratford Upon Avon. Lisa had only just moved to the area and I could tell she was nervous but I instantly warmed to her and tried to make her feel welcome. At this meeting, Lisa introduced her business Cattersgill Photography which produces amazing photoshoots for newborns. The images she showed us at the meeting were truly wonderful!

So when I fell pregnant I knew straight away that I would want Lisa to photograph my little boy Oscar. I booked an appointment with her, and a week after Oscar was born I went over to her beautiful home studio. She made me feel so comfortable and explained everything that would happen within the time we were there and that if I needed to feed etc then it wasn't a problem. It was a really lovely morning and I left booking a follow up appointment a week later where myself, my partner and my daughter and Oscar could go back to view the pictures.

That Sunday when we turned up and Lisa started showing us a slideshow of the pictures she had taken, I was overcome with emotion and shed some tears. She had truly captured the most amazing and precious time of Ocsar's life and we were all so amazed. We ended up buying the USB stick off Lisa with all the pictures on as we seriously couldn't choose just a couple! The USB came in a gorgeous wooden box with Lisa's branding on it (another lovely touch!)

Hard to just share one, but here is one of my fave pictures from that photoshoot!


Fast forward nine months on and Lisa recently contacted me to say she had started doing 'Sitting Up' photoshoots and would I go over and let her photograph Oscar. Of course I was happy to oblige and I was excited to see the difference in the photo's of Oscar over the past few months. When I got there Lisa was explaining to me that she really wanted to offer this type of photography sessions alongside the newborn ones as she loved seeing the babies again. We had a wonderful time and Oscar loved smiling for Lisa. So here it is... nine months on.... the next shot! Featuring a drum from Rascals Toy Shop that Oscar loved!


For anyone thinking of capturing these beautiful moments in your babies life then I would highly recommend using Cattersgill Photography.

For more information please visit Lisa's website here.

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