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Introducing Karen Baughan- Branch Leader

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10371749_10209105483894265_2096612097372262960_nMy name is Karen Baughan Branch Leader of Networking Mummies Redditch Bromsgrove and Wythal.
A lot of people say I am MAD that does help Motivated Ambitious and Determined.
All through my early life I thought I was a failure and just no good.
My dream of going to university were killed when the Careers Master told me in the late 70's only 10% of the population ever got there and Karen I am telling you your not in the 10%. My parents had that in writing to. 14  at the time labelled a failure.
So what's the point!!! and I believed then what people said.

I decided to go to Catering College did a 2 year course on how to cook for large numbers of people, and I loved doing Banquet Meals it was fast paced and pressurised. Loved working in the restaurant could tell you some stories about that but would be here all day.

I took my first step into networking when Richard was two, never heard of it no computers in those days, well there were but we never had one. I did get my first mobile phone which was like a  brick.
I did Kleeneze learning the formula of networking.
I then met up with a lady a few years latter who did Dorling Kindersley which were Educational books and CD-roms for the computer did that until 2000when company got take over and they got rid ofall the advisers.
Decided as the boys were older I would go back to the conventional field of work, I detested every minute of it.
I then decided to come back to networking and went for Usborne Books loved every minute of that, up until I ended up having to stop due to looking after Mom who became terminally ill.

I did join another network, to help my sister but that did not work for us. Then came across Wikaniko which is very affordable and products that people just tip down the sink all eco-friendly and biodegradable.
Take a look at www.karenbaughansecoshop.com
I also became interested in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming,
I did a free day taster weekend in coaching and February this year saw me qualify as an NLP Coach. The 9th October this year I start my Master Practitioner in NLP and will be qualified November and in 2018 I have already booked to do my Trainers Training.

I love working with people seeing them grow and change. I am no longer a failure in my eyes and I am still learning if things go wrong.

If anybody needs any help either with there children over 7 or themselves please do contact me.
If any networking Mummies book me for NLP Coaching to remove Anger Sadness Fear hurt guilt limiting beliefs weight loss or bad habits like smoking etc please do contact me.
My charges at moment for networking Mummies are £25.00 an hour session normally £50.00. So Book now for that price once I am a Master my price will be a £100.00 a session.
Guarantee if you want it to work it will take 5 sessions if not 6th session is Free. But so far nobody as needed that.

Networking Mummies Redditch Bromsgrove and Wythall is also growing and if anybody would like to now more please do contact me 07745 426907.

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