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Kiran Khutan- Amway Business Owner

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Kiran-Khutan-3Kiran Khutan was one of four panellists at the recent Amway and Networking Mummies hosted ‘Success from Within’ event. She’s also a successful Amway Business Owner juggling a busy family life with the demands of her business. Here she describes what ‘Success from Within’ means to her and offers her tips for business success.

I had a long career in corporate marketing but once my first child came along, I knew I needed to make a major career adjustment to give me more flexibility. I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial in mind-set but it’s fair to say that I lacked confidence and know-how when it came to running a business.

I stumbled upon Amway by chance but I’m so glad I did. My business has given me the chance to balance the needs of my two children while earning flexibly and I feel very fortunate that after a few years of hard work juggling my family life and running the business with my hubby that I now have a great work/life balance.

What has gotten me through the last five years of building and making a success of the business is having a burning passion in the business itself. Knowing all I’ve learned, I was recently asked what advice I’d give my younger self if I had to set up my own business again. So here goes!

1. Clearly understand the reason why you would like to build a business and identify your goals.

2. Be tenacious and determined. Be persistent in your daily and weekly business activities even when you don't get the results you had hoped for. If you keep consistently developing your business, success is just a matter of time.

3. Have fun! Work with people you love and do things you enjoy. Remember to take time to reward yourself and your family with each achievement. Again, I’m fortunate because the company I chose to build my business with provides opportunities to take trips and gives plenty of reward incentives too!

4. Be goal oriented and pursue each goal. Be prepared to fail but get back up and reach for that goal. Then have the courage to set a bigger goal – it’s a phenomenal feeling when you’ve reached your goals. Reaching your goals is the best example of success that we can show to our children and wider society.

5. Know that you can do anything you set your mind to and apply enough effort to.

6. Happiness equals success from within to me. Setting your boundaries and being happy with your choices is paramount.

I’d say to all the Networking Mummies out there – inspire and support each other to attain Success from Within. The journey is exciting and challenging but what a journey it can be! Good luck!

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