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Truvivity (8) lowAMWAY POST-EVENT BLOG TIPS By Bella Blissett

What emerged from the fantastic Success from Within Amway event with Networking Mummies is that confidence, achievement and our outward appearance are all intrinsically linked. When we look good, we feel good – and as a result, gain a sense of empowerment that allows us to overcome challenges and reach our goals.

So how can we go about looking good this summer? Here are my top five beauty tips...

1. Learn to layer: The references to athleticism, well-being and a contemporary concern with beauty from the inside-out were all part of catwalk beauty this season. A kind of “gym skin” glow was displayed – as if models had emerged with dewy post-workout skin. The key to this look is layering a serum beneath your moisturiser each morning, applying foundation on top, and finishing with a light facial spritz all over the skin, topping up throughout the day as needed to keep skin dewy and hydrated.

2. Build gradually: It’s tempting to slather on foundation in a bid to get that flawless, post-workout complexion. But use the lightest foundation or BB Cream you can – and only apply it where you really need it, (such as around the nose, chin and under the eyes). You can always build up layers of the product in areas that need more coverage, whilst leaving the rest of your face looking natural and radiant.

3. Capture the light: Highlighting is an essential technique this season. Apply a highlighting liquid or powder liberally onto the tops of cheekbones, over Truvivity (34) lowthe temples, down your nose – then add a light swipe on your Cupid’s bow. Using lip balm, lip-gloss – or even a drop of facial oil in the same areas also really adds to the glowing, athletic look.

4.Don’t forget your brows: Often neglected, brows are the secret to adding definition to other facial features. When it comes to achieving “gym skin”, less is more. So fill in your brows using small, feathery movements to create the optical illusion of having more hair. The effect on your face overall is remarkable.

5. Be yourself: This season, catwalk make up artists were all talking about “the new individuality”. So rather than sending models down the runway looking like identical clones, they played up their individual quirks – be it freckles, gappy teeth or big lips. Feeling good and being successful is about self-acceptance – so be fearless and play to your personal strengths.

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