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Blindsides- Winner Best Product of the Year 2016

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packaging 1I am absolutely delighted that BlindSides won the Best Product of the Year Award at the recent Networking Mummies Awards. Having launched BlindSides less than a year ago I could never have imagined that we would come such a long way so quickly.

When developing BlindSides I was fortunate to have a supportive group of mums who were themselves on similar journeys. At the moment unfortunately there isn’t a Networking Mummies group in my area but I can certainly say that I value the kind of support they offer to mums in business. And hopefully Networking Mummies will make it to North London soon.

It’s particularly pleasing to receive an award from mums since BlindSides was developed from my own parenting experiences and is primarily for mums and dads to use for their children.

BlindSides block out the light that still manages to creep in around the sides of blackout roller blinds – even when they’re made to measure the mechanism means that annoyingly the fabric doesn’t stretch all the way to the edge. It was when I discovered this (and couldn’t find a product to solve the problem) that I created my own solution. The very first pair of BlindSides were made from material I found around the house. And that’s the way it would have stayed if my husband hadn’t suggested that it could be a product.


After a bit more research I was convinced that there was nothing else available like BlindSides and that ineffective blackout blinds are a real problem for
 parents who want their children to sleep in a fully dark room. And so off I went…

I’ve no experience in product design or manufacturing so this has been a real learning curve but eighteen months after I began the project I launched BlindSides in July last year. And now we’re award winners. Thank you Networking Mummies!

Jenny Leahy


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