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I thought I would share a piece of information with you that is both interesting and useful that Susan Odev talked about during her workshop on Monday.  SMART Targets (I have written a piece about them before) so here is the 'traditional' definition of SMART.

S - specific

M - measurable

A - achieveable

R - realistic

T - time bound

Now this is the model I always use to and I must admit after speaking to Susan I won't be again.  Through several discussions about what appears to be great targets we came to the conclusion this model is flawed.  Once you reach A & R you always come a cropper.  Your SMART target lacks the achievability and realistic expectations you had.  Hummmm so whats the answer??

MARTS that is the answer!

MARTS I hear you cry?? Explain .....

M - measurable

A - AGREEABLE nurturing the key relationships of all the people involved to make the target more  achievable.

R - RESOURCES - list all the things you need to achieve your target making it more realistic.

T -  time bound.

S - specific


Next time you write a SMART target try MARTS and see what happens!

As always would love your feedback!

by Joanne Dewberry 

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