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Our Second Succesful Meeting for Warwickshire!

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It was the morning of our second meeting for Networking Mummies Warwickshire and our Summer Picnic. As me and Ashleigh left the house, even though it was muggy weather there was droplets of rain and I wasn't convinced the weather was going to hold out and I was hoping it wouldn't put people off coming!

By the time we reached the park the sun was shining and it was lovely and hot! First to arrive was Stacey and her Husband and two kids shortly followed by Lucy of Damsels in Success. We then had Sarah Lui who was at our first meet along with Tricia from Jamie at home. By the time we had moved over to the paddling pool, along came Rebecca and Helen and then Sharon. Diane from Body Shop at Home also followed a bit later along with Lucie Ann Carter of Blue Bella and her Husband and two children.

There was such a lovely buzz and everyone was chatting. Two parties were booked for Blue Bella and Jamie at Home whilst there! Gorgeous cupcakes were supplied by Rebecca and everyone bought a little bit of food to add to the picnic. Everyone said what a lovely day it was and we can't wait to do it all again!

Watch this space for details of our August meeting.

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