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The Buttercup Game: UK Author’s New Children’s Book Provides Unconventional Support to Relatives of those with Dementia

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Written by children’s author, Lee Sterrey, ‘The Buttercup Game’ reaches out to children and adults with an uplifting story of courage and making the best in the face of adversity. But it’s not every day dementia is thrust front-and-centre in the world of children’s literature; making the book a bold attempt to provide unique support to those touched by the progressive and frustrating diseases.

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When Lee Sterrey sat down with friends for dinner one evening in 2014, she had no idea that the conversation was about to impact her in such a deep and meaningful way. Lee had spent the day as an advisor working with students at the Warwick Business School, where they reviewed ways in which technology could help the carers of those with dementia.

Suddenly, one of her friends at dinner grabbed her and, through the tears that ran down her face, pleaded with Lee to do anything that she could to help.  Lee’s friend was a nurse on a dementia ward, and had first-hand exposure to the carers and families that are under incredible pressure to provide the support needed. 

Lee refused to break the promise she made that night. She drew upon another skill that she had, which was writing stories.

This most unique of promises is now available as ‘The Buttercup Game’, volume three in Lee’s ‘Adventures on Honey Bee Farm’ series.

“I admit that it isn’t every day you come across a children’s book with a story that focuses on the harsh realities of dementia,” explains the author. “But when my friend explained the issues, I was so taken back by how much the families had to endure, that I had to help. As a children’s writer, I believe I was able to provide a way for families to explain the situation to young children.”

The enchanting and emotional story focuses around Grady Grey, who loves to visit his nana with his mum. However, when Nana starts forgetting things, Grady is left with a challenge, which is how to still have fun. 

Lee adds, “While the story is fairly simple, it provides a way for children to understand what is happening when the relative forgets things, or even forgets them.  The whole purpose is for parents or other relatives to have that discussion, and explain to the children the differences that they may see.  Most importantly the story focuses on the child to be themselves and to still have fun.”

Lee dedicates the story to the Carers.


‘The Buttercup Game (Adventures on Honey Bee Farm Book 3)’ is available now: http://www.amzn.to/1SLJwr0.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.AdventuresOnHoneyBeeFarm.com


About the Author:

Lee Sterrey lives in the beautiful Warwickshire (UK) countryside on a hobby farm that she bought with her husband and young family in 2010. When they started to bring animals onto the farm, it wasn't long before some very interesting adventures started to occur...

Although, writing in rhyme came naturally to Lee (who started writing poetry from 9 years old), she chose to pursue a very successful career in computer software. Whilst working full-time since the age of 16, Lee studied part-time for many years gaining professional certificates, degrees and gaining a Masters, to grow her professional Business Analytics career to what it is today.

With a strong belief in learning and sharing experiences, Lee found huge inspiration in the farm and her work, and decided to write stories to delight children and in most cases - weave a lesson learned, to educate the reader.

When creating stories, Lee calls upon many areas of her life experiences and knowledge. These include developing the stories themselves through to the technical knowledge required of creating the books through self-publishing.

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